How to Create a Small Heaven with a Small Potting Bench – We cannot call our house a home yet before placing a small potting bench on the porch and garden. The ultimate ornament of a porch is not the expensive one. We need to only place a personalized idea that will show our house identity.

We can create a cute porch design with some unique planters. Besides, we can also place our family name plank on the porch wall.

To make it stunning, we can also place elegant ornaments such as wind chime and mail box in our front yard. However, the appearance will not so perfect before we place a small potting bench.

Beautiful Small Potting Bench
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We can create a potting bench from an old table and other furniture. Therefore, we have to be smart in remodeling our old furniture. We can make use our broken crib with some added boards.

We can also use our shabby day bed. In some cases, vintage furniture will look even more beautiful if it is shabby originally.

Small potting benches designs

There are many stores sell vintage-made furniture that will look cool for our home. The furniture is painted and then sandpapered so it looks shabby and old.

Best Small Potting Bench
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If handled well, the appearance will be so beautiful. However, if we have something to remodel, it will result awesome with the original shabbiness.

Small potting bench board

The first thing that we should do is to look for our old furniture that will appear stunning as a small potting bench. After that, we need to add a backboard.

In some designs, we can add a net on the board so we can hang some gardening tools there. Besides, we can also place some shelves for placing the planters. In addition, we can create a special board with window design.

Popular Small Potting Bench
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The bench will look like a broken window that leads us to view the world of fairy. It is quite impossible to have a small bench with a canopy so we need to explore more in the backboard. For instance, we can add some stripped planks so the board will look wonderfully more gorgeous.

How to Make the Color Standout?

If we feel that the wooden color is enough to make the bench appealing, we can paint it with the right color. Though it might be beautiful to paint it with any color, we have to select the color that can fit our porch and garden beautifully.

For instance, if we decide to make it look vintage, a mint color is totally awesome for it. If we want to give our front garden a striking look, bright red is the brilliant idea. Meanwhile, if we want to keep classic, brown and light gray are the excellent choices.

DIY Small Potting Bench Plans
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Small Potting Bench Ideas
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Those are some ideas that we can do for creating a wonderful corner with a small potting bench. Our home deserves to look that gorgeous.

A small bench, topiary, and a wonderful morning breeze will be enough to give us a new encouragement to enjoy our life. Get yours with DIY project or buy it online.

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