Outdoor Benches: Material, Styles, Types, and Placements You’ll Love in 2020

An outdoor bench is not only furniture that offers comfort but also a versatile way to add the prettiness of outdoor scene. The outdoor world is too beautiful to be ignored and thus we have to optimize it by adding a piece of pretty furniture to sit nicely and enjoy the atmosphere.

Romantic scenery of falling leaves during autumn or the fresh air during spring will be precious as we have a pretty bench in our patio and outdoor landscape. Besides, a city will be more admirable with benches. In public areas, benches are loved and required.

Outdoor benches come in various materials, styles, types and functions. The best benches will be the ones that are designed for optimum benefits of comfort and aesthetic. It is so much stunning that furniture designers can collaborate with city garden planners so beautiful park with unique benches is now a trend. Besides, residential outdoor benches are now available in various shapes and designs.

A. Outdoor Benches Materials

1. Aluminum Benches

Popular Aluminum Outdoor Benches Design Idea
Photo by @patinainteriorsconsignment

Aluminum benches are common to find outdoor. We often enjoy them at a recreational venue. Besides, the benches are utilized at fields and courts. The material is lightweight and also easy to maintain. The material is non-corrosive that it is a great choice for an outdoor placement. In addition, it is also portable.

2. Fiberglass Benches

Popular Fiberglass Outdoor Benches Design Idea
Photo by @obnoxious_antiques

Fiberglass material is durable and flexible to get any finishes and colors. Besides, fiberglass materials are good to designs. The material is good for the outdoor space too because it will corrosion resistance and non-rust material as well. It requires low maintenance.

Fiberglass can be manufactured easily and compliment facility with the shapes that are desired. Food courts, restaurants, and office will look beautiful with the benches.

3. Concrete Benches

Popular Concrete Outdoor Benches Design Idea
Photo by @urbastyle

Outdoor space is identical with extreme weather exposure and corrosion. Therefore, concrete is also selected for manufacturing benches for outdoor usage. This type of benches is heavier and permanent.

Most of the time, the government uses this concrete benches as permanent furnishing for military bases, state parks, and other buildings. The durability is excellent and will resist any climate. The accents of concrete benches are different depending on the materials composed of the concrete.

4. Powder-Coated Steel

Popular Powder-Coated Steel Bench Design Idea
Photo by @ts_sitefurnishings

Often found lining the entryways of different venues, powder-coated steel benches are perfect for commercial places. We can find the benches at medical facilities, shopping centers, and even country clubs.

This material is selected because of the heavy duty ability to strong construction. Though the material looks stiff and strong, the benches can look modern as well as classic with the classic strap metal or a more modern one.

5. Plastic Benches

Popular Plastic Outdoor Benches Design Idea
Photo by @esse__emme

Plastic benches can be so green because some of them are made of recycled plastic. The products will be low maintenance. They are available in many colors and designs. Besides the pretty look, the product will be excellent due to its durability for any environments.

Corrosive salty areas and ocean side places will be fine to be furnished with the plastic benches. Many public places including offices, universities, schools, and shopping malls have been exploring the benches. Besides, stadium benches are commonly used plastic benches. Besides, there are also thermoplastic benches that are also eco-friendly. The material is coated for metal benches to make the benches more appealing.

We have seen in many public facilities that benches are full of vandalism scratches and graffiti. Thermoplastic makes the benches graffiti resistant and easy to repair. The coating will also make a bench to perform excellent durability to the variety of climates.

6. Wooden Benches

Popular Wooden Outdoor Benches Design Idea
Photo by @mosermakes

Wood is the material that requires very high maintenance. However, wooden benches are the most romantic ones. In addition, it is also beautiful to include wooden furniture in the area of the garden landscape. The natural appearance of wooden benches will complement the fresh look of our garden and patio.

B. Outdoor Benches Styles

Sometimes, the inspirations of outdoor furniture and designs are best seen from movies. When watching movies from other countries, we will be able to get a totally new knowledge on the best furniture that we will love. Besides adopting the designs, we can also check how to decorate the furniture so we can get the most from the piece of furniture that we purchase.

Additionally, we need to also view trusted online furniture website so we can check unlimited pictures of furniture that we might love. For outdoor benches, both sources are important to check.

Regardless the main function for seating, the outdoor bench comes in various styles and will complement all home garden and public park designs. Modern and contemporary benches are available. Besides, traditional and even ancient styles are also available.

The basic options of benches with armrests and a back that is enriched with decorative elements will look stunning for our gardens. Besides, we can also get benches with advanced options.

The common benches can always look beautiful because of the functions but we can also get unique styles of benches that can provide excellent prettiness for our outdoor landscape. From the movies and furniture site specialists, we can learn various styles from all over the world.

1. European Outdoor Bench Style

Popular European Outdoor Bench Design Idea
Photo by @europas_sitzbaenke_

Those who live in Asia admire the prettiness of European outdoor bench styles a lot due to the fanciness and the high art. Though there are some basic signature styles from this European design, the benches can still look differently because of several divisions. For instance, we will find country styles, French style, rustic styles, and many others.

2. American Rustic Outdoor Benches

Rustic styles can be found in many ethnics but the American style of rustic furniture is one of the most admirable ones. The cowboy, log cabin house rustic combinations are all beautiful. For the outdoor benches, we can get even brilliant ideas.

3. Arbor Outdoor Benches

Popular Arbor Outdoor Benches Design Idea
Photo by @visionwoodcraft

This elegant style will blend perfectly with our pretty garden. It is equipped with latticed and a roof that allows vines and flowers to decorate it naturally.

4. Tree Outdoor Benches

Popular Tree Outdoor Benches Design Idea
Photo by @emptybench12

This is the best wooden bench that we will treasure. We will be able to get pleasure in the beautiful tree in our backyard or front yard with this type of bench.

The bench is made of a tree trunk. We can even use our collapsed tree to create one. However, it surely needs high-class craftsmanship to complete the project.

5. Built in and Planter Outdoor Benches

Popular Planter Outdoor Benches Design Idea
Photo by @mr_osiecki

The pop-up color of the benches will create a harmonious appearance for our garden. In addition, we will be able to save the space by building the built-in benches. It is a perfect choice for a simplicity and beauty.

C. Outdoor Benches Types

We all know that the main function of outdoor benches is to give us a comfort when we want to spend some times in the outdoor space. In public places, we will need the benches when we are waiting for something or someone. Meanwhile, in our own backyard or garden, benches are truly necessary so we can get pleasure in the scenery of our secret garden.

The prettiness of our garden landscape will be useful as we can get relaxed only by watching the ponds with the goldfish or the blooming flowers during a gorgeous spring. Therefore, a bench should always be there. We might love to have a love seat or gazebo for our patio.

Sometimes, the detail decorations are also necessary. However, we will also need to optimize the seating facilities because we will love to throw a party or at least a New Year Eve with our family outdoor.

To fulfill those essential meanings and functions of an outdoor bench, furniture designers create excellent benches for enhancing the functions of outdoor benches.

1. Cushion Benches

Popular Cushion Outdoor Benches Design Idea
Photo by @sarahknuth

When placed indoor, we can use upholster benches that provide more comfort. However, the design will not be suitable for the outdoor space. However, we can still enjoy the soft surface of the benches with cushions.

We do not have to worry about its outdoor placement because we can store the cushion inside the bench. We can play with the patterns in order to highlight the style that we want to deliver.

2. Curved Benches

Popular Curved Outdoor Benches Design Idea
Photo by @vogtlandscape

Curved Benches are stunning to place in the interior with a small space. With the same purposes, we can also select curved benches for our small patio. It will be great to have a large curved bench for giving an additional comfort for a barbecue party.

A single bench can already provide better space for sitting. With the stretched length of curved benches, we will be able to sit around and have so much fun.

We can construct the curved benches around our fireplace or a campfire to feel more comfortable. We can also have a built in curved benches with a vertical garden on the back part to create a stunning impression. Besides, it is also beautiful to have a curved bench for designing a focal point in a vast area of a backyard.

3. Storage Outdoor Benches

Popular Storage Outdoor Benches Design Idea
Photo by @my.twist.my.take

Benches can be so much functional for creating a tidy patio. We can use a storage outdoor bench to keep the outdoor supplies safe. Besides, we might also want to keep some planters and gardening tools inside the storage benches.

Today, we can use the internet to find the sketch or plans on a bench project. However, if we do not have time to deal with a carpentry project, we can always ask the professional to do it. Or we can purchase high-quality storage benches for outdoor space online.

D. Outdoor Benches Placements

Outdoor benches are in the city park, public places, bus stop, and many public buildings. Around our residential, outdoor benches can be placed around a park and on the sideways.

Around our own garden and backyard, outdoor benches can be placed in various spots. Here are some ideas to place outdoor benches.

1. Under a tree

Popular Under a tree Bench Design Idea
Photo by @chateau_de_la_vigne

It is the best spot where we can read our favorite books under the shadow of our lovely tree. When the morning breeze is so tempting, we can escape our routine for a while sitting on our bench under the tree.

In addition, we can also play with the kids around the tree. When the little ones play hide and seek, we can enjoy our time sitting on the bench and enjoy an apple pie perhaps.

2. Bench and Swing

Popular Bench and Swing Design Idea
Photo by @dordognedream

It will be brilliant if we can mix a swing and a bench; a porch swing is the answer. Today, there are a lot of ideas in furnishing the porch and to use a porch swing is one of the stunning ideas.

The swing is designed with a long seat so we can call it as a bench swing. Kids will love it and our porch will be unique with this piece of furniture.

3. Next to the pond

If we have a pond in our garden, it will be good to place a bench around the pond so we can sit next to the pond and enjoy the splashing water of the pond just to relieve our stresses.

In addition, we might want to feed the fish while sitting on the bench. Sometimes, we can use the bench to read some books and enjoy a morning tea as well.

Outdoor benches are the essential elements of public places and residential yards. Benches offer various benefits and comfort that all homeowners want to enjoy. We will be able to get outdoor benches of several different materials.

The prettiest outdoor bench is made of wood but the easiest maintenance is that of fiberglass material. Outdoor benches have many styles to complement our garden and outdoor landscape. We can pick the one that matches our garden perfectly.

In order to get the best function, we need to select an outdoor bench with added functions. If we need a bench that accommodates a lot of people, curved benches are the right choices. For the placements, we only need to check the spot where we love the most on our patio and backyard area.

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