Indoor Benches: Material, Styles, Types, and Placements You’ll Love in 2020 – A house will look the most beautiful if we know how to insert a style within the entire interior designs and decors. Therefore, we will have to pick the design, theme, color choices, and furniture based on the style that we admire.

Once we love a style, we will apply it totally. So, the result will be amazing. It does not matter if we do not have much budget to create a luxurious place.

To design our interior does not need the help of the professional designer though. We can start searching the style that we like and find a way to brainstorm how to apply it to our interior space.

For the furniture, we can also play a little creative. We do not have to follow a trend in a furniture store. What we need to do is to make the furniture comfortable and useful. We need to think about something pretty and useful such as a bench.

Beautiful Indoor Bench Design Idea
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Basically, a bench is a fixture of an outdoor furnishing. We use it a resting place. We will be able to find benches in the yard, gardens, and amusement parks. Only from the statement, we know that benches are admired because of the usefulness.

With a clever modification, we can now place benches in any rooms in our house. Of some popular spots to place a bench, the entryway is the best one.

This place is a spot where homeowners and guests face at the first time when arriving. It is surely important to have a seating facility right from the entry door because we need to keep our house clean from a stain that might be created from our shoes.

Besides, we always want to put off our heavy coat, scarf, a hat, and many others when entering our house. At least, we might want to sit down and take a deep breath while taking off our boots. An indoor bench is that essential to place in our entry room and other parts of our interior.

A. Indoor Benches Materials

Basically, a bench is made of woods and iron. But today, several other materials are utilized to create high-quality benches. The materials are more varied for the outdoor benches because of the durability requirements. For the indoor benches, we can get at least two types: wooden benches and iron benches.

Popular Wooden Benches Design Idea
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Wooden benches look artistic and so admirable for complementing any interior decor. Whether it is designed with a back board or a mere a bench, wooden benches are excellent choices for indoor usage. We will need to pick the one that is made of the finest material to obtain excellent durability.

Wooden benches require good maintenance. We need to spray insect repellent and coat it with the polyurethane in order to optimize the beauty of its surface. High-quality products of benches of teak, redwood, and mahogany are available for residential needs.

Heavy duty materials for benches are for the benches that are located in public such as City Park and amusement park. For a house, wooden benches will look prettier compared to the wrought iron benches. Besides, indoor benches should look cute and comfortable at the same time when it is for a kid’s room. Wooden benches with pastel color paints will look special for the cutie’s room.

fiberglass benches Design Idea
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Besides, we can also use fiberglass benches for the indoor space. Fiberglass is a versatile material for furniture. We can select patio furniture with fiberglass material but it is also pretty to have a fiberglass bench for our indoor rooms.

Fiberglass is preferable because of the low maintenance. It will not corrode so we will be able to invest well in this type of benches. However, this bench is common to use in a commercial building such as food court, restaurants, and office building.

B. Indoor Benches Styles

Benches are more than a trend, it is a necessity. Therefore, furniture designers know how to include it into many styles of interior designs. Of so many styles of the interior that we have today, there are at least five types of styles that we can adopt.

The first style is modern home with its straight lines and bold colors signatures. Besides, we will love the way modern minimalist interior give simplicity inside its stiff and sleek furniture selections.

Popular Modern Indoor Benches Design Idea
Photo by @mistymorning_

The second option will be a rustic home. This is an excessive style of the vintage home that has been popular all these years. The rustic interior will need keen attention to details. We can actually include the vintage home or shabby chic home in the rustic home style but those three styles have slightly different details.

Popular Rustic and Vintage Indoor Benches Design Idea
Photo by @forestsfarmhouse

The next style that we can adopt is industrial style. This is a style that is a little hard to apply if we do not know the basic rules. We have to learn a lot before choosing this style.

Popular Industrial Indoor Benches Design Idea
Photo by @acumencollection

Besides, we can also use the country-style. This is the style that is so much comfortable with its homey and traditional styles. We also have an oriental home design with East Asia styles. The houses found in many countries in Asia.

Popular Country Indoor Benches Design Idea
Photo by @whatabigailloves

The last common style is a beach house with a nautical detail. For all of those styles, benches and other furniture of matching appearance are available.

Popular Beach House Indoor Benches Design Idea
Photo by @zabel_international_artist

We do not have to make a custom bench as we have a special interior concept. Here are the lists of benches based on the styles.

1. Modern Indoor Benches

It has a compact and simple design. It is usually designed with added functions.

2. Rustic and Vintage Indoor Benches

It has arched back and is usually made of wooden without any finish. It looks old though sometimes the piece of furniture is newly made by a modern manufacturer.

3. Industrial Indoor Benches

The industrial interior design combines wrought iron with stainless stain steel products. It will be great to choose a simple bench with wrought iron material to complement the uniqueness of industrial interior design.

4. Country Indoor Benches

The country indoor benches are the simplest among others. The furniture has four legs and is designed with no back board. The bench does not have any storage space under the bench most of the time.

5. Beach House Indoor Benches

This style is usually built-in and colored blue. Beach house is also identical with simple furniture with beach ornaments. Wicker benches are also recommended to highlight the tropical outfit of the beach house.

C. Indoor Benches Types

In addition to the materials and styles, we can also find benches with certain functions. Indoor benches are designed with similar idea and function but with the furniture designer’s creativity, each product is crafted into art masterpiece that can play two roles; a room decor and functional piece of furniture.

Thanks to the innovative furniture manufacturers, benches are no longer only a seating facility. It is the most loveable furniture that we can use for special uses.

Here are some benches types that we might love to bring into our interior design:

1. Storage Benches

Storage benches are designed with volume so it looks like a chest. Some storage benches have upper load cover so we can storage some things by lifting the cover. Besides, storage benches with empty spaces under are also available. We can place some trays or basket under the benches so we can place our shoes or gloves safely.

This type of storage bench looks sweet for a rustic or vintage home design. We can get an old outfit from the brown color of the basket. We may want to add white ribbons or lace to decorate the basket but we should not do it too much because we need to make the benches standout.

Popular Storage Benches Design Idea
Photo by @dwra.lazaridou

In addition to that, we can also find benches with front load space. This bench has a cover for the under storage space and we can pull the cover once we want to store some things.

This bench looks nice for a modern house. Besides, it also appears neat because we will be able to hide the messy stored some pieces of stuff inside the bench. The clever design fits the modern home design perfectly.

2. Cushion Benches

We can actually make all types benches be cushioned benches. Tufted covers on top of the benches will make the furniture more comfortable. We will love how the puffy surface makes our bodies feel relaxed. We will be able to place the bench under a big window so we can use it as a window seating for reading books or simply enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning.

Popular Cushion Benches Design Idea
Photo by @moredesignsouthern

Cushion benches can also use several cushions to cover the hard surface. A bench a soft cover will somewhat look like ottoman. We can place this type of bench on the foot of our bed to add the space and comfort.

This will give excellent benefit to make the style that we bring into each room more be noticeable. For instance, we can pick cushions with floral patterns so we can outshine the appearance of shabby and chic interior concept.

3. Curved Benches

Curved benches create both coziness and luxury in a living room. A room with tall and wide window frames will look dramatic as we have the curved benches under the frame.

Popular Curved Benches Design Idea
Photo by @pattymehelicinteriors

The flowing curtain will add the prettiness but the tufted curved benches will surely look amazing for classic and the modern living room. We can invite our guest to sit on the curved benches and give them the most appropriate comfort and fanciness.

D. Indoor Benches Placements

We can place a bench in almost all rooms.

1. Entryway Benches

A bench is functional and can be an extra seating facility when we have a party or family gathering. We will be able to get a little rest when arriving in our lovely entryway. Besides, it will be comfortable to sit down on the bench when we are putting on our boots.

Popular Entryway Benches Design Idea
Photo by @ourbohocondo

We can add a board above the bench so we can also hang our coat, keys, gloves, and scarf on the board. Besides, for those who want to recheck the outfit of the day, placing a tall mirror in front of the bench is also a good idea.

2. Bedroom Benches

Benches are also awesome for the bedrooms. We can pick upholster benches; with the tufted cover or ottoman styles to place on the foot of the bed. We will love to use it for sitting. Instead of placing a chair in a bedroom, the bench is more stunning.

Popular Bedroom Benches Design Idea
Photo by @blendhomefurnishings

We can use the bench to help us preparing our next day outfit. We can simply drape the clothes on the bench. And it is so much comfortable to sit on the bench to put on a knee socks or stockings. The benches will also add luxury in our bedroom.

3. Kid’s Bedroom Benches

Benches will be awesome for kid’s bedroom. We can use storage benches to storage their toys and books. The cute appearance of benches for kid’s bedroom will make the room more lovable.

Popular Kid’s Bedroom Benches Design Idea
Photo by @mintroomstudios

Children will be more comfortable because they can sit on the bench while reading their favorite books.

4. Home Library Benches

Not every house has a home library but if it does, it will be comfortable to have a bench in the space. A home library and a comfortable bench with cushions will make the room one of the most favorites at home. We can build a small home library in the attic and make the bench as the focal point.

Popular Home Library Benches Design Idea
Photo by @remaxofmichigan

In conclusion, benches are simply amazing pieces of furniture. We can find unlimited styles of benches to improve our interior beauty. Benches are made of several different materials but for the indoor usage, wooden benches are the best.

We do not have to worry about the style because benches with unique and signature designs are available for all interior styles. We will be able to enjoy multiple functions of benches; for seating facility and for beautifying a room. We can even use the benches and storage. Benches are also stunning and functional so we can place it in any room at home.

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