How to Make a Bench Cushion in Five Minutes – If you love to do crafting, you need to download tons of plans and ideas and do it in your leisure time. It will make you happy and satisfied.

You at least have to save how to make a bench cushion and start the project in no time so you can decorate your house and feel happy at the same time.

Doing what we love with make us that happy. Happiness is not so hard to achieve when we know what we want and what make us so passionate. This is why people should really do what they love.

If our goal is money, we can start a career that helps us to earn a lot. We need to plan to be a doctor, a banker, or anything that can give us a lot of money.

We can set aside our feeling to pick a major that lead us to a lot of money. However, when we earn a lot of money, we will not be happy. But, if we want to live happily, we need to just do what we love even if it can give us tons of money.

We might not get a lot of money while sewing and crafting but if that can give us happiness that will be enough.

That is why intelligent people pick the jobs that suit their taste and personality the most. Yet, it will be so much rewarding if we can do what we love and earn a lot of money at the same time.

How to make a bench cushion in five minutes?

There are actually hard and easy to deal with it. The hard project uses conventional way and quires sewing machine. Meanwhile, the easy step can be done using only a nail gun.

I have watched a video on the tutorial and get amazed how the crafter did the tutorial only in less than ten minutes. The result is relatively similar to the one that is made with a sewing machine.

What we need to get prepared is only four pieces of materials and tools. The first material is a fabric with our favorite pattern. It is essential to pick a heavy-duty fabric that can show excellent durability.

For instance, we can use denim cotton or thick linen for covering the cushion. Next, we also need to use a medium size mattress or memory. We can make it trimmed by the professional based on the size that we want.

This is why we need to measure the bench prior buying the materials. The last layer is the plywood. The size is similar to the memory size. We will need strong plywood with the right thickness. The last thing that we need is a nail gun.

What we need to do is to put the three materials in order; fabric, memory, and then plywood. Next, we have to cover the memory with fabric and secure it with the nail gun. It will be as easy as wrapping a present.

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