How to Build a Shower Bench? – A shower bench will be an extraordinary bathroom accessory. We can purchase the bench at a bathroom supplies store or pick a DIY project for creating one. We can check how to build a shower bench article online for detail steps.

The shower bench will be useful for us to sit while enjoying the shower. Besides, we can place some bathing items for an easy reach. A shower bench is furniture that offers exclusive convenience. However, it can also function better for a bathroom for the elderly. However, this project is not so easy to deal with. Even if we do not create the furniture with DIY project, we will still face some troubles.

We have to decide whether we will anchor the bench to the floor or wall. Before making a hole with a driller, we have to make sure that the plumbing supplies are safe. Therefore, we will need to call the professional plumber before executing the task.

How to Build a Shower Bench?

Here are the steps of creating a good shower bench that will enhance our bathroom style instantly.


  1. 2x4s boards
  2. Plywood sheet: ¾ inch
  3. Tile backboard: a half inch


  1. A drill
  2. Screws
  3. PVC liner

How to build a shower bench properly?

The first step is to determine the size and shape. In case we buy a shower bench at a store, we will see a simulation or only assume the size based on the picture. This is a blunder since a shower always has a custom size. That is why a custom bench is more recommended.

The size of the bench should be suitable with the height of the mortar bed. We need to add the height of the mortar bed to the height of the bench. As the simulation, in case you want to build a bench with 15 inch high, it is important to make it 8 inches rough out a spot.

The second step is framing. The essential case is that we have to include a slight slope of a half an inch for every foot. This is important to enable water to run off. We have to deduct the thickness of plywood by ¾ inch for the bench top. For the tile backboard, we have to deduct by a half inch.

Next, we can start attaching the plywood on top of the bench. This is a step after a framing procedure. We need to use galvanized screws to anchor the plywood on the box frame. After that, we can install moisture proofing material along the shower bottom. The installation procedure is similar normal shower pan.

Now, it is time for the backboard. We have to install the backboard from the bottom up in order to make it overlap the lower pieces of the bench. We need to use galvanized screws to attach the backboard.

After that, we can cover the seat as the finishing step. On top, we need to place a heavy object such as marble or granite using adhesive tapes. We need to wait at least three days before using the shower while sitting comfortable on the bench.