How to Build a Park Bench for Residential?  – pending our precious times to take a walk in a park is always enjoyable to do. We can walk our dog or simply go out with the kids while the weather is nice.

A park is always a great place to visit when we want to relief our pain and stressful life. Besides, it is beautiful to spend a romantic evening with the loved one. A park is that precious when we are in love. Even for those who are singles, a park is the best place to visit.

We can sit on the park bench and read a new novel while sprinkling a bread to feed the pigeons at the park. A park is also lovely during a certain celebration such as Christmas and New Year. A park is the center of amusement and the heart of a city.

In a park, what we need the most is not the pond or the wandering vendors. What we need to enjoy is a comfortable bench. We will usually wonderful how to build a park bench so a sturdy bench in a park will last for more than a decade.

How to Build a Park Bench for Residential?

Nowadays, in a modern city, park benches are designed with an extraordinary look. Some city parks have a futuristic appearance of a bench. Some of the benches are curved and made of non-iron material. Some other benches look charming and will give people comfort when using the bench for reading or eating. City park bench is usually made by a professional designer and architect.

Best Way to Build Park Bench for Residential
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Park bench or we can call it as a garden bench is a must have furniture in our outdoor space. We need to enjoy the luxury that we get pleasure in the city park. Even the simplest park bench project is a complicated one. This is a hard woodwork that requires high craftsmanship. Here are some of the simulations on the projects:

1. Materials

  • Front Legs: 2 pieces of 2×4 lumber 23” long
  • Back Legs: 2 Pieces OF 2×6 Lumber 38” long – both ends cut at 6.5º
  • Side Braces: 2 pieces OF 2×4 lumber 26” long
  • Front and Back Aprons: 2 pieces OF 2×4 lumber 53” long
  • Arm Rests: 2 pieces OF 1×4 lumber 27” long

2. Tools:

  • Bolts: 10 pieces of carriage bolts 2” carriage bolts
  • Screws: 10 pieces of 2 1/2” galvanized wood screws
  • Slats: 11 pieces of 1×4 lumber 53” long
  • Long Screws: 40 pieces of galvanized decking screws 1 1/4” long

The essential tip is to use lumber designed for outdoor usage. This is essential because we will expose the furniture outside so we need to use redwood and cedar pine. We must apply coats of wood stain to make the furniture keep shiny after a long period of usage. The detail steps will be served in the next article of park bench plans. The result is good when we are prepared and know much about carpentry tasks.

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