How to Build a Mudroom Bench with Cubbies – Now that we have known that a bench with cubbies looks pretty for our entryway, we might want to build our own custom bench with that beauty.

Well some of us might not believe that this piece of furniture is something that we can build but we can give it a try. It is not that easy to follow the steps how to build a mudroom bench with cubbies and hook yet we can read the whole instructions just to check the procedure to make this lovely furniture.

This time, I want to share a project done by a sweet mom from Home Heart and Hands; her name is Anna. She was obsessed with a DIY project on home furniture and has successfully created a cute bench for her mudroom. The tutorial will fit a beginner or amateur crafter because it is also a project of trial and error.

How to Build a Mudroom Bench with Cubbies By Ms. Anna

1. Details Materials

  • 2 full sheets of plywood: ¾ inch. It will be good to get a professional to cut the plywood so we can get a fine result.
  • Wood screws: 2 inch
  • Pine boards: 1×6

2. Detail Tools

  • Miter saw
  • Drill
  • Jig saw
  • Countersunk drill bit
  • Wood glue
  • Wooden dowel pegs

3. Finishing devices and supplies:

  • White high gloss paint. This paint is chosen for those who love white and want to explore this color for the mudroom.
  • Minwax stain with dark walnut color. The professional crafter suggested buying this material on Amazon.
  • Minwax polycrylic. We can also get it in low rate at Amazon. This is for coating the top part of the bench seat.
  • Heavy duty L brackets; prepare four pieces.
  • Trim and moulding for various sizes.
  • Nail gun
  • Compressor
  • Sandpaper
  • Hole putty
  • And silver hooks. We can find the hooks from any hardware stores but we can get the stylish hooks from Lowes.

The first step is to measure, mark, and cut the plywood. The crucial case is to make all angles perfectly square.

When it is done, we can screw the top horizontal board into the side of the vertical boards. The pre-drilling screw holes is also a hard task.

Next, we need to repeat the steps for the bottom board. We have to remember to leave some wiggle room. It is fine to leave a gap since we can easily trim it later.

Next, we have to build a base. The size is 2x4s. It does not matter if it looks rough because we can trim and soften the surface later. The rest steps are shown clearly through some pictures at

We will be able to create a perfect bench for all spaces prettily as we follow the instructions. Additionally, we can also consult the original crafter so we will get useful tips for handling the complex steps.

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