Selecting a Stunning Entrance Storage Bench – If we can create happiness right in the entrance of our house, we shouldn’t we do a proper decoration for that area. Entrance space needs to have a proper entrance storage bench, a pretty console table, and a rug.

We can also design eclectic lighting ideas to give a beautiful illumination in the area. An entrance might be tiny but we need to make it small but pretty.

We need more than a wreath on our doors and we need some storage as well. Besides, umbrella stand cannot keep our coats and it will be uncomfortable to bring the heavy coat to our bedroom.

Our wet boots need to be put off around the entry area so we need to sit on a bench to do so. Taking off the shoes will not be enough before placing to proper shoes storage.

Selecting a Stunning Entrance Storage Bench

We do not want to see stars when entering our entryway. The entryway should give a good mood due to the calm outfit or the warm ambiance.

1. Entry Storage Bench Ideas

We might have found many ideas to decorate the entry and entryway. We can place some lantern-style lighting fixture on the corner so it will get proper illumination and ornament at the same time.

Popular Design of Entrance Storage Bench
Photo by @spruced_kitchens

On the door, we can hang a wreath that fits the seasons. Additionally, we can also place the wreath on the console table. If we feel that the space is not enough for the console table, we can replace it with a bench. A wreath will look pretty to place on the wall above the bench.

2. Unique Storage

Just like what we demand before, it is better if furniture in our entry room can also play the role of storage. We do need some boxes to drop many stuff but that will not look neat. Besides, it is hard to store some clothes in box because we need to dry them up by hanging them on hooks.

What we need to use is a bench with a functional backboard. We will find such functional furniture through the furniture specialist. The bench is equipped with a backboard with some hooks, drawers, and shelves. We can even add small hook for our keys. That way, we will no longer lose our keys whenever we are in a rush.

3. Colors

An entrance storage bench does not have to look like an old stiff chest. We can create harmony through such small furniture. For instance, we can add colors by picking a bench with unique colors.

For instance, we can pick tiffany blue or red velvet if we want to give the area a striking outfit with our fashionable color taste.

4. Decoration

The storage bench will look awesome as we place some cute decors around. If the bench has already been built with the exclusive look, we do not need to add too complex ornaments.

When it deals with interior design, we need to give ourselves some times to learn. We can learn the ideas from every place, especially the internet.

Today, Google is celebrating world’s female architect Zaha Hadid. We can start learning the right way to decorate and design by viewing her performance and masterpiece.

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