The Easiest Way to Make a Custom Cushions for Benches, Simple & inexpensive! – Most people ignore small interior décor and fail to create a cozy atmosphere that is desired. Therefore, it is so much necessary that custom cushions for benches and other small ornaments are included.

We have to make sure that a room has the cute and unique factors in order to make it appealing. Even, we will be able to state our personality through the small decorations that we display.

Besides, we have to be detail in choosing the images, pictures, patterns, and various printings to decorate our interior. For instance, we also need to include our taste of art on the cushion patterns. We will place cushions in all over the places in the interior. Cushions can create style and coziness at the same time.

Where to place bench cushion

1. Cushions on a couch

Cushions or throw pillows are cool for the couch and we can also cuddle with the cushions. In a cold winter time, we will be able to use cushions to give us warmth. When sitting for a new season of TV show, we will need to cuddle with the cushion to feel comfortable.

Stylish Custom Cushions for Benches
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Additionally, we also need to use cushion to decorate a sofa. A plain sofa will be boring without a cushion. Besides, patterned cushions will give a contrastive color to a plain sofa.

2. Cushions for a swing chair or arm chair.

For a single chair such as single sofa, arm chair, and swing chair, a cushion is also needed. Besides the chair pad, we also need to use a cushion to add its beauty and comfort.

Beautiful Custom Cushions for Benches
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For wicker furniture, cushions will look admirable. It will bring artistic appearance to match the brow wicker with colorful cushions.

3. Custom Cushions for Benches Matching Patterns

Whether we place a bench in the kitchen or in the living room, cushions are required. In addition, we also need to use cushions when the benches are placed in the home library. The cuteness of a bench will look flawless for a kid’s room.

Rustic Custom Cushions for Benches
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Elegant Custom Cushions for Benches
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Inspiring Custom Cushions for Benches
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Luxury Custom Cushions for Benches
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Popular Custom Cushions for Benches
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Contemporary Custom Cushions for Benches
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Cushions are that useful. Even, outdoor benches will be more comfortable and inviting as we place some cushions on the top. Additionally, swing chairs in our porch can be more exclusive when we add some cushions with beautiful covers.

Similarly to the curtain, wall décor, and other ornaments, cushions can play the artistic role to a room. That is why we need to select the patterns that can enhance the beauty of our interior.

Modern Homes

Modern Custom Cushions for Benches
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Benches are perfect for a minimalist home because of the multiple functions. We can pick cushions with monochromatic covers in order to make the minimalist look more blatant. Besides, we can also pick patterns such as polka dot, stripes, and checkered.

Classic Homes

Classic Custom Cushions for Benches
Photo by @maxima_vida

Benches with classic designs should appear as natural as possible. However, for the cushions, we need to play a little artistic. We need to choose ethnic cushion covers. Sometimes, we have to choose unique patterns such as ancient Europe designs for making the style more stunning. Many other choices should be based on our taste of art.

How to Make a Cushion for a Bench in Less than 5 Minutes?

Do you want to spend your leisure time for a priceless outcome? You need to deal with DIY project. Today, we can simply get ideas of how to make a cushion for a bench online.

There are many kinds of tutorials and projects to do through the online sites. However, it is better if we can pick one idea that is easy to do and does not cost a lot. Besides, we have to choose DIY projects that will provide excellent effects for our homes. To create a cushion for our bench is a brilliant idea.

Smart Custom Cushions for Benches
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Simple Custom Cushions for Benches
Photo by @juliabrendelltd

Many of us are hesitated to create a beautiful cushion for our window seating and benches because we feel that the job will take times. Besides, we do not ready with the materials and tools.

A professional crafter has shared her project online and the process of cushion making only take five minutes with a long lasting result. Awesome, isn’t it? It is Christina’s Adventures, the craft site that shares how the procedures of cushion making can be that simple.

1. Get ready with the materials:

What we need to get prepared is plywood with the desired size. This is the most important thing. We have to measure the size of our window seat exactly in order to get fitted results. After that, we need to get a good fabric or linen with beautiful patterns for giving the cushion more appealing impressions.

For an easy application, we can pick floral patterns. We can use floral patterns for almost all kinds of interior designs. It is possible to use stripes pattern but the applications is a little tricky.

This is so because we have to cut the stripes well and place the pattern on the plywood very carefully so we get a straight stripe pattern for our cushion bench.

Next, we need to use foam with the same size as the plywood and bench surface. The fabric size should be wide enough to cover the entire foam with good strength. For the tool, we need to only use a nail gun. After trimming the plywood and foam, we will be ready to cover the foam with the fabric that we have prepared.

2. How to make a cushion for a bench in less than five minutes?

Some people can do the project fast. They can complete the project in less than five minutes. However, for the beginners, it is fine if the project done within 30 minutes as long as the result is tidy and proper for heavy duty usage. The entire process will be like wrapping a present.

First of all, we need to place the material in order: the first layer is the fabric, the foam, and plywood. We have to take one side of the fabric and make it really tight. Secure that side with a nail gun.

After that, we can take the other side and do the same thing. For the edges, we need to fold the fabric up just like wrapping a present and do the same thing for the other edge. That’s it. The brand new, comfortable, and cute cushion for our bench is ready.

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