14 The Most Creepy Places and Abandoned Castles in Germany

Astita.net – Because of the troubling history, Germany turns out to be a home for many abandoned castles and buildings. Abandoned castles in Germany are often related to myths and creepy stories behind. And the abandoned buildings have unique stories.

Almost all of the abandoned places are opened to visit. However, the authorities will not encourage people to visit the old buildings.

There are many reasons behind the abandonment. The locations are easy to find and thus they are all accessible. Dark and deep history of Germany makes this country attractive to explorer.

Some will say that there is a dark atmosphere in each abandoned castles and buildings in Germany. However, some will say that the most beautiful and eeriest abandoned places are on the list. The local authority will let people in on their own risk.

The Most Creepy Places and Abandoned Castles in Germany

1. Deserted boathouse, Obersee Lake

Deserted boathouse, Obersee Lake, The Most Creepy Places in Germany
Photo by @cabinpassionate

We do not have to actually hunt abandoned castles in Germany to see the creepiest spot in town. Will love to visit this Obersee Lake Boat House.

While looking for the eerie place by the lake, we can get pleasure in the beauty of Obersee Lake. It is located in the Berchtesgaden National Park.

The view is epic and the red boathouse makes the scenery more mesmerizing. It is reported that different photographer will capture the boathouse with a radically different look.

No one can explain why the boathouse was built and abandoned. That surely adds the odd side of the abandoned boathouse.

2. Spreepark, Berlin

Spreepark, Berlin, The Most Creepy Places in Germany
Photo by @felixvelez_aroundtheworld

Sure, in many countries, amusement parks were abandoned due to some reasons. In Germany, Spreepark is one of the most famous abandoned places. People can enter the place but they will need to get ready with the risk.

The amusement park was sponsored by the Soviet. It was built in the late 1960s. The authority started to abandon this famous amusement park after the fall of the Berlin Wall. This abandoned amusement park was originally Kulturpark Plänterwald Berlin.

3. Teufelsberg, Grunewald

Teufelsberg, Grunewald, The Most Creepy Abandoned Places in Germany
Photo by @mitvergnuegen

Teufelsberg is located in Berlin’s Grunewald Forest. Because of the hidden location, the place is just that intriguing. It was originally a radio tower for United States spy. See, the history is that mysterious already.

The tower was a center to spy on the Soviets during the Cold War. What is so interesting
is that the word Teufelsberg means Devil’s Mountain in English.

4. Heilstätte Grabowsee, Oranienburg

Heilstätte Grabowsee, Oranienburg, The Most Creepy Places in Germany
Photo by @mariosphotographie

Germany many other countries in Europe is full of amaszing abandoned sanatoriums, asylums, crematoriums, and hospitals. In Germany, Heilstätte Grabowsee is unmissable.

The place was occupied for less than 50 years since 1896. It takes around one hour north of Berlin to reach this creep abandoned sanatorium.

5. 1936 Olympic Village, Berlin

1936 Olympic Village Berlin, The Most Creepy Places in Germany
Photo by @dgsimpressions

There are always unique stories in each Olympic Games. And the world will never forget about the 1936 Olympic Games that were held in Berlin. It was not due to the place but the Nazi Regime.

The Olympic Games was a success since Germany built many important facilities. One of the surviving facilities is the Olympiastadion.

Some parts of the stadium are well-maintained. Yet, the Olympic Village is deteriorated and abandoned. It is sad to know that the designer of this project was demoted only because of his Jewish heritage.

6. Bierpinsel Tower

Bierpinsel Tower, The Most Creepy Places in Germany
Photo by @rbcclin

This building was completer in 1976. It has colorful bulbous head. This place was abandoned since 2006 due to business failed and economic hardship. To enter the tower is not recommended but people can still snap some pictures outside.

7. Oleg Naumov Hotel

Oleg Naumov Hotel, The Most Creepy Places in Germany
Foto by Urbexsession.com

It is so amazing to see some rooms of this hotel is still in a very good condition. Meanwhile, some other rooms were in a terrible decay and damage.

Natura has taken over the hotel and the place has been forgotten for so long. However, the
mystical atmosphere is still there. The ambiance and history of this abandoned hotel are clearly spoken by the interior.

8. Beelitz-Heilstätten, Beelitz

Beelitz-Heilstätten, Beelitz, The Most Creepy Places in Germany
Photo by @stefan_kuehne96

Besides abandoned castles in Germany, this might be one of the most visited abandoned places in Berlin. The military hospital was initially a sanatorium that was occupied during World War I and II.

The architecture is amazing for this hospital was built in late of 19th century. It had treated more than 100,000 patients of tuberculosis before its closure.

This abandoned place is well maintained. What is so peculiar is that visitors still smell strong disinfectants that used to be there when the hospital was still serving.

9. Simon Fraser School

Simon Fraser School, The Most Creepy Places in Germany
Foto by Urbexsession.com

Even for those who love being at school will think twice to enter this abandoned school. The old school has a beautiful chapel and many classes that now look so much creepy.

10. Harzburger Hof Hotel

Harzburger Hof Hotel, The Most Creepy Places in Germany
Photo by @szambo86

Hotels are often abandoned due to economic failure and business problems. This hotel seems to suffer from the same troubles in the past. It was abandoned since 2010.

After that, most of the building was burnt down in 2013 and a year after. Today, this hotel is just waiting for its final damage. It used to be an exquisite hotel with elegant interior. The most luxurious in its class during its golden era.

11. The Dutch Pavilion

The Dutch Pavilion, The Most Creepy Abandoned Places in Germany
Photo by Flickr.com

It is a little strange to include this building in abandoned castles in Germany since it is not a castle and not too old as well. This place was designed for 2000 World Expo in Germany.

When the exhibition was over, the building was aimed to be destroyed. However, it still stands there but was abandoned without any maintenance.

12. Werner Boost Sanatorium

Werner Boost Sanatorium, The Most Creepy Abandoned Places in Germany
Foto by Urbexsession.com

Many sanatoriums in Germany were transformed into hospitals because of modern ways of medical diagnosis and also the changes of regime.

This sanatorium was opened in 1912 and changed into a private hospital for skin treatments starting from 1952.

13. Paul Minow House

Paul Minow House, The Most Creepy Places in Germany
Foto by Urbexsession.com

Urban explorers will love to find abandoned castles, mansion, and even abandoned house with beautiful mess in the interior.  This one is a home of a doctor. He was a specialist in the urology.

The place is now unowned but the medical equipment and other things that relate to medical treatments are still there. It is a little too creepy for those who are not used to the atmosphere of abandoned places.

14. Schloss V Castle

Schloss V, The Most Creepy Abandoned Castles in Germany
Photo by Flickr.com

It will be impossible to exclude Schloss V from the list of abandoned castles in Germany. This castle is famous as Piano Castle. The place was dated back to the Middle Ages.

That is why this castle has the stunning architecture design of medieval era with a little touch of a more modern style due to some renovation. Fire in 1500s ripped the original building but when the castle was rebuilt, the design was even more beautiful.

The interior is still well-maintained. The exterior somewhat mirrors the garden of Eden. There are unique wings on the castle that are connected by a central rotunda. The ornaments are all topped with stone decoration.

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Mostly, the construction made use nature stones and elegant glazed brick decoration. In the past, the castle was a training center for teachers before changed into a hospital. Today, the building was abandoned but fortunately, the authority makes it possible to still maintain the
entire castle.

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