China Ghost Cities: 5 The Contemporary Abandoned Cities with Mega Facilities, China Ghost Cities – The outbreak of Corona virus is still the hot issue that the world concerns about. The virus has been attaching for almost four months and thousands of people died due to the infections. Wuhan is the first city in China that suffers from this virus attacks. The city is then isolated.

Patients are taken to a special hospital and those who are not infected should not leave their places freely. The conditions make many cities become so quiet and left.

China is now on the spotlight for the Corona outbreak. That reminds us of various cities that were abandoned in China. Abandoned cities in China list might be caused by the same reason in the past.

China is a huge country with the biggest population in the entire universe. That is why we can find China town in almost all countries in the world. The population is hard to control and keep growing each year. Health and economic problems thus become challenge for the government.

Wuhan case is one thing that might be really hard for China and other infected countries to cope with. What is so unique about this case is the fact that the same problems occurred in the past, leaving several towns in China abandoned.

China Ghost Cities: 5 The Contemporary Abandoned Cities with Mega Facilities

There are actually hundred abandoned cities in China that are so mysterious. Some of the cities have many facilities. Any amenities that societies need to live comfortably are served in those abandoned cities.

Many of those abandoned cities have high-rise apartments and complexes. The waterfronts and parks are there. Skyscrapers and important spots for public art. Everything is there except for one thing; the people.

1. Wu Han

Wu Han, China Ghost Cities: 5 The Contemporary Abandoned Cities with Mega Facilities.
Photo by @livemintlounge

This is city is not really abandoned but isolated. This is due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus. The ongoing epidemic of coronavirus disease is caused by SARS-CoV-2. The attack started in December 2019.

Wuhan is the place where the virus first identified. This is the capital of Hubei Province. The virus is believed to be transferred by animals but accidentally, the virus infects humans. This cannot be confirmed yet but the solution is now more urgent rather than to seek the source of the virus.

Due to the rapid speed of infection in thousands of people, the city becomes so empty now. People are at hospitals and health center. Meanwhile, those who are safe have to evacuated. The city will soon be abandoned if solutions are not found.

2. Kangbashi District of Ordos

Kangbashi District of Ordos, China Ghost Cities: 5 The Contemporary Abandoned Cities with Mega Facilities.
Photo by @theyoungpioneermag

This city is technically so ready to inhabited. The urban plans around the city is more than amazing. A famous photographer, Kai Caemmerer has made a journey around the abandoned city. He captured wonderful spots of this city for completing his book, Unborn Cities.

It mirrors a new kind of urban development. Normally, a city will start from a small community with little facilities. The small developments will grow as the local industries develop around the rea.

In China, a city is built with various facilities that almost completed before it is introduced to people who might want to live there. Therefore, when it is failed to attract people, the city will be abandoned despite its new and amazing facilities. Because of the fascinated architectural quality, we can say that this is a contemporary ghost town that we can find in China.

3. Qiandao Lake

Qiandao Lake, China Ghost Cities: 5 The Contemporary Abandoned Cities with Mega Facilities.
Photo by @travel_blondin

Besides the super modern abandoned city that we can find in China, an ancient city was also invented at the bottom of a lake. Approximately one hundred feet below the surface of Qiandao Lake, we will find one of the most breathtaking submerged historical treasure; the Lion City. Even though the city was under the water, we can say that this is one of the most stunning abandoned cities in China.

The city was built during the Dynasty of Eastern Han around 25-200 CE. It has the size of 62 football fields. We will fall for the city since it has an incredible relief sculpture all over the stone walls. The city might be the wonderful site that people can stroll through if it wasn’t intentionally flooded in 1950s. Yet, it is now a popular diving destination.

4. Tianducheng, China’s Zhejiang District

Tianducheng, China’s Zhejiang District. China Ghost Cities: 5 The Contemporary Abandoned Cities with Mega Facilities.
Photo by @scmpnews

This abandoned city is also popular as the Paris of East. It is a replica ghost city that is so creepy. The idea of building the city is simple; to replicate the city of Paris. We all know that Paris is a dream city for traveler.

Eiffel tower stands there and fashion lovers love to visit the city even if it is just for the window shopping. Paris is a vibrant city but the replica city in China is not so much. The city has been a ghost town since 2007. The large area of city is only inhabited by 2,000 people. It is thus popular as a ghost town with Paris landmark.

5. Ordos: A Modern Ghost Town

Ordos A Modern Ghost Town, China Ghost Cities: 5 The Contemporary Abandoned Cities with Mega Facilities.
Photo by @grey_wolf_design

Inside the Kangbashi New Area, we can find the Ordos. The place was designed to be like the Dubai of Northern China. However, the plan turned out to be failing. It is peculiar to see that many people live in a slum area close to that ghost city.

The eerie photos of the ghost town show empty streets and haunting skyscrapers. Plenty of public infrastructures make the space more mysterious. Ordos Art Museum is even there to give people entertainment in case the city is inhabited properly.

There are still many abandoned cities in China that become more and more popular. There are various reasons why the place becomes so haunting. The first glaring reason is virus outbreak. The danger makes the place abandoned for good. In addition, economic conditions make some cities abandoned.

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Most cases show that the cities were not actually abandoned but so empty because their fail to attract people to come and live there. There must be some errors in the planning that the developers make such a huge loss in investment. But China is a giant of economic ruler that can do anything possible for building those amazing contemporary cities that is ended up abandoned.

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