15 Most Beautiful Abandoned Trains in UK and Other Countries

Astita.net – Some old things become useless but many become more beautiful. Old construction can appear like a gold as we see it from a different point of view. From abandoned buildings to abandoned trains are all pretty in a mysterious way.

International photographers have captured so many pictures of gorgeous abandoned trains in UK and other cities. All of the old railway scenery is creepy but charming in a unique way.

Railway is always that admirable. Even, some people are proud of calling themselves the fans of railway. Railway technology has reached amazing improvements today.

The look, interior, and speed of railway have been improving so the old railways are abandoned and taken over by nature. Despite the old look and the creepy appearance, we can still see stories inside the places.

The Most Beautiful Abandoned Trains in UK

1. Northern Powerhouse

Northern Powerhouse, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Trains in UK
Photo by @keironriley

It will be impossible to run trains and operate railways without running the powerhouse. The TransPennine Trail head to the old Woodhead Railway Line. This linked Manchester, Penistone, and Sheffield efficiently. It was quite peculiar why the route was closed.

After the closure, people had to stuck on traffic hour and jam around the Woodhead Pass. When the road was closed, people found it hard to get a comfortable travel to those destinations.

People still wish that the railway was still operating so they can enjoy a nice travel to the connected locations.

2. Parkmore Narrow Gauge Station

Parkmore Narrow Gauge Station, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Trains in UK
Photo by @monkey_on_tour

This station started operating in 1888. It served the line from Ballymena to Parkmore. The route covers England to the Northern Ireland. The station stopped operating in 1930.

3. Waiting Room on the Dunfermline to Alloa Line

Waiting Room on the Dunfermline to Alloa Line, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Trains in UK
Photo by Pinterest.co.uk

We can find various railway buildings which are also abandoned for decades or even centuries.

Seeing upon the waiting room will give us a lonely feeling. However, the nature power somewhat gives the picture a lovely ambiance.

The waiting room was closed in 1958 following the closure of Longannet Power Station. People are now anticipating the reopening plan of this pretty waiting room. People are still waiting after all.

4. Loudwater Station

Loudwater Station, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Trains in UK
Photo by Theguardian.com

This station once become a useful line that enabled a short cut for those who want to travel across the country. It connected Wycombe and Bourne End. This place was closed 35 years ago.

5. Curzon Street Station

Curzon Street Station, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Trains in UK
Photo by @ajkehoe

If you are a fan or railway and its history, you will love this station. Curzon Street Station is the world’s oldest monumental railway architecture. It was an important railway station in Birmingham around the 19th century.

6. Beeching Line

Beeching Line, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Trains in UK
Photo by @thomassjcowley

This Beeching line was initially a track between the East Grinstead and Tunbridge Wells. People used to work passing this line. Also part of the line was the Forest Way in East Sussex.

7. Rail Haverhill

Rail Haverhill, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Trains in UK
Photo by Cambridge-news.co.uk

This station used to serve a line between Cambridge and Haverhill. It is still anticipated that this line will be reopened soon.

When the weather is nice in summer or spring, people will pass this route while taking pleasure in the beautiful scenery and clear blue sky.

The Most Beautiful Abandoned Trains in the World

8. Union Station, Indiana, USA

Union Station, Indiana, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Trains in USA
Photo by @justbeingjamie

Has been left for a century, this Union station remains impressive. Not this building owns a beauty but also a Beaux-art style.

In the past, the station was primarily functioned as a transportation center that accommodated the steel industry. It was finally closed in 1950s due to local industry depression.

9. Canfranc International Railway Station, Spain

Canfranc International Railway Station, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Trains in Spain
Photo by @m_elena_mb

Besides abandoned trains in UK, we will see many old railway stations in Spain. This place was the one of the most trafficked stations in the entire Europe. The Canfranc International railway station was constructed in the Pyrenees mountains.

It was located on the border of Spain and France. This opulent station slowly abandoned after a train crash accident around 1970. Financial troubles and war are also two factors of its ruin.

10. Anhalter Bahnhof, Berlin, Germany

Anhalter Bahnhof, Berlin, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Trains in Germany
Photo by @juliawischke

Berlin, Germany has an attractive history of wall ruining. In the same city, we can also find some abandoned trains and railways. Besides the abandoned trains in UK, Germany railways ruins are also stunning. The architecture is striking and tells a dark history of Berlin.

The Anhalter Bahnhof station stands south east of Potsdamer Platz. We can reach the site at a line that head to Juterbog, Dessau, Kothen and many others.

The ruins are still there and people can see the historic station as they go to the modern Anhalter Bahnhof S-Bahn railway station.

11. Michigan Central Train Station, Detroit, USA

Michigan Central Train Station, Detroit, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Trains in USA
Photo by @hugheswilliam_

This station was opened around 1913. The building was a vast area of railway station. People could easily notice the building since it has towered over the Detroit’s historic town. However, modernity and development became cruel to this place. This station is now a symbol of this city decline.

The Michigan Central Train station was gradually closed after 1980s closure of Amtrak finally stop using the station.

The building is now owned by Ford Motor Company which brings a new hope for the historic building restoration.

12. Kácov Station, Czech Republic

Kácov Station, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Trains in Czech Republic
Photo by @zemefilmu.cz

Don’t you agree that the abandoned trains in UK and other countries in Europe and US have a stunning beauty? This station should be one of the most charming selections among all.

The railway station looks so much enchanting despite its old look. This picturesque building was also a setting of Czech drama.

13. Psyrtskha Railway Station, Abkhazia

Psyrtskha Railway Station, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Trains in Abkhazia
Photo by @flickr.com

Abkhazia is a hidden heaven for abandoned train stations. Another beautiful railway station is Psyrtskha Railway Station in Novy Afon.

The site overlooks a lake and surrounded by mountains. It is good to know that the surrounding tracks are still operating.

14. Grand Central Terminals

Grand Central Terminals, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Trains in NYE
Photo by @newyork_eyes

It will be great to see such stunning scenery of grand central terminals. We will feel like traveling to the end of the line as we see that nature start to take over the entire construction.

The place used to be a rural stop which eventually stopped operating. It will show people a glimpse of the past time when the station was still in its glorious era.

15. Gudauta, Abkhazia

Abkhazia is not a popular place compared to other nations in Europe. However, that makes this place very mysterious.

Many abandoned railways with enchanting architecture are found in this country. The small country is located on the eastern coast of the Black Sea. The disputed territory and Georgia claim for its independence even make the country more attractive.

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One of the abandoned railway stations sits in Gudauta. This was constructed during the Soviet era. The place stopped its operation since the early 1990s.

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