15 Abandoned Shopping Malls in Colorado and other States in USA

Astita.net – The change in the way people shop influences business a great deal. Business always sets planning based on the nature of customers, buyers, and clients. Therefore, there are many abandoned malls in Colorado and other states that have changed a lot.

There are actually various reasons why some malls are abandoned. Some malls fail to serve what people need with a different life style that people start to develop.

Some shopping malls suffer from a serious problem in finance due to the economic challenge. Another reason is the change of community trends. Things like the change to online shop makes it common that malls are slowly abandoned.

People all love the efficiency of online shops. Traffic and transportation problems are no longer a reason for people to delay shopping since they can now do it from the comfort of their house. It is also possible for people to get the item that they want delivered the same day.

Delivery services and online shops are now the king in the shopping world. People can search the cheapest products online. People can also purchase the most expensive branded bags online. Social media and online shopping malls make it easy for companies and even small sellers to start business.

Sellers and buyers meet easily through the online system. That is enough a reason for the malls to close and finally abandoned. Denver malls are the perfect examples of abandoned malls in Colorado. Denver was once a suburbia of Colorado which invite people to come. However, the place slowly got deserted by offline shoppers.

Abandoned Shopping Malls in Colorado

1. Villa Italia Colorado

Villa Italia Lakewood, Abandoned Shopping Malls in Colorado USA.
Photo by Gettyimages.com

A shopping mall is usually designed to answer the life style of the communities. When the buildings can no longer be a facility for people to gather, dine, and shop, the place will surely be closed soon. This Villa Italia is also an area that was closed soon after people changed their life style.

Trends and social standards were also the reasons why the shopping center was closed. Another reason was the economic depression. The mall was launched in 1966. It was closed and became one of the abandoned mall in Colorado since 2001.

Today, the area is Belmar Shopping Center. Of course, it is now opened with a new style which is suitable with the latest life style of people around Denver.

2. Cinderella City

Cinderella City Mall, Abandoned Shopping Malls in Colorado USA.
Photo by @cinderellacityproject

This shopping mall was opened in 1968. It is located in Englewood at West Hampden Avenue.
Surprisingly, the mall did not take so long to entertain people with its shoppig area.

It was closed in 1997. However, a small part of the shoppign center is still operating; the Englewood Civic Center. It used to be a giant department store.

3. Westminster Mall

Westminster Mall, Abandoned Shopping Malls in Colorado USA.
Photo by Wikipedia.org

A luxurious mall is not a guarantee for a mall to last forever. The Westminster Mall was opened in 1977 and stopped operating in 2011. It was a quite long journey for a conventional mall. It was placed at West 92nd Avenue.

The area of the mall covered U.S 36 in Westminster. To view the year of its closure, we
can conclude that the mall was closed due to the overflowing online shopping malls.

4. Southglenn Mall

Southglenn Mall, Abandoned Shopping Malls in Colorado USA.
Photo by Wikipedia.org

Different era and generations create different taste of entertainment. Today, there are even countless interior designs and styles of shopping malls that are trafficked by shoppers and youngsters.

The Southglenn Mall is now changed into an outdoor shopping center due to the change of customers taste. This mal was opened in 1974. It was abandoned in 2005 because of modernity reason.

Located at East Arapahoe Road and South University Boulevard, the place is now called the Streets.

5. Northglenn Mall Colorado

Northglenn Mall, Abandoned Shopping Malls in Colorado USA.
Photo by 2warpstoneptune.com

Shopping industries were designed for providing a new idea for people to get some entertainment while shopping.

When the world has changed and people are bored already with the indoor shopping centers, developers start to abandon the buildings and change the functions for good.

This mall was admirable for 30 years before it was abandoned in 1998. The location is now an outdoor shopping mall. The new name is Marketplace at Northglenn.

6. Buckingham Square Colorado

Buckingham Square Mall, Abandoned Shopping Malls in Colorado USA.
Photo by Flickr.com

Aurora, Colorado used to be a pleasurable place for people to shop. The Buckingham Square was opened for public in 1965 and closed in 2007.

Similarly to other shopping malls, the economic depression and the changes of people habit
force the buildings to close.

The abandoned mall in Colorado then changed into other entertainment business. This one is changed into a large area of outdoor shopping malls.

Abandoned Shopping Malls in USA

Those 6 abandoned mall in Colorado are only some of many abandoned malls in the entire USA. Let’s take a look at some of incredible pictures of abandoned malls across the States:

7. Euclid Square Mall Ahio

Euclid Square Mall, Abandoned Shopping Malls in Ohio USA.
Photo by @mallwalker74

This mall is located in Ohio. Due some management and financial problems, the mall faced the same fate. It was totally closed in 2016.

8. White Flint Mall Maryland

White Flint Mall, Abandoned Shopping Malls in Maryland USA.
Photo by @deadmallsetc

This place used to be a home of Bloomingdale’s department store. It is located at Bethesda, Maryland. It is now abandoned even though we can still see that the floors are still clean.

This mall was a popular place to shop that Elizabeth Taylor was once seen to shop here. It stopped operating and shut its doors five years ago.

9. Carousel Mall California

Carousel Mall, , Abandoned Shopping Malls in California USA.
Photo by @colbysartsandarchs

This supermall has just closed in 2017. The mall suffered from a serious financial conditions
after the two main investors; Montgomery Ward and JC Penney stopped their support.

10. Chicago’s Lincoln Mall

Lincoln Mall, , Abandoned Shopping Malls in Chicago USA.
Photo by @christiannerbo

It is sometimes sad to see that a luxurious mall is finally closed. This is one of the malls
that should close its door in January 2015.

More than 200 shops operated at the mall but when it approached its closure, only 40 business left. Today, it was totally abandoned.

11. Metro North Shopping Center, Missoury

Metro North Shopping Center, , Abandoned Shopping Malls in Missoury USA.
Photo by @mcdn8

This large mall is located in Kansas City, Missouri. The place used to serve people with comfortable shopping experience. However, the changes to online shopping forced the mall to end its business.

12. Hawthorne Plaza in California

Hawthorne Plaza, Abandoned Shopping Malls in California USA.
Photo by @robintrajano

Due to bankruptcy, this place was closed in 1999. It is a setting for some popular movies.

13. Maple Hill Mall Michigan

Maple Hill Mall, Abandoned Shopping Malls in Michigan USA.
Photo by Wikipedia.org

Investors changed the function and made the building more useful. This one was closed and demolished in 2004. After that, the location was transformed into a new commercial place for Target and other discount stores.

14. La Fiesta Mall, Northern Mariana Islands

La Fiesta Mall , Abandoned Shopping Malls in Northern Mariana Islands USA.
Photo by @kevinnstagramm

The mall was opened in 1992. And it took only 12 years for this place to be a dead mall.

15. Chicago Tribune

Starting from 2013, the mall reduced its income as much as $2 million a year. Because of the financial problems, many stores started to close. Some stores were not able to pay generate sufficient money to pay the rent.

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Those dead malls and abandoned mall in Colorado tell that there is no single place in this universe that can stand forever. No matter how strong and beautiful a mall, economic changes and financial challenges finally murdered those places.

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