30+ Abandoned Places Around the World with the Creepiest Stories Behind Them!

Astita.net – Abandoned places are always located around forest, located on the tip of a cliff, there are also built on the edge of a hill. The locations are chosen for the safety of the places.

During the medieval times and the era before that, rebellions and crimes occurred at any time. Therefore, rich and royal families have to protect their place. Besides, high place was always preferable to show highness and wealth.

The abandoned places are thus very popular. Many ruins were found around forests. That make the abandoned places creepier. It is also amazing to find beautiful places in the middle of forest. It adds the mysterious side of the building.

Stories will develop and many people believe that the place is haunting because of the location. Also, we will have a high imagination over the abandoned places.

We will think that the places might be the house of witches. Or we can also have a wild imagination of a places that once became the house of Rapunzel.

The unique ruins are always that attractive. However, there are actually many ruins that were once important buildings. Besides castles, we will find many other constructions that were abandoned due to many reasons.

Abandoned Places Around the World and The History Behind Them

1. Hotel Goricina, Croatia.

Hotel Goricina, The Most Abandoned Places in Croatia
Photo by @lukacs16

Hidden on top of a hill by the Croatian coast, the Kupari is one of the most wonderful abandoned ruins. Today, bougainvillea takes over the hotel ruins. Also, the Adriatic sea with its corrosive substance now rule the ruins.

It was popular as Hotel Goricina. In the past, it was a Yugoslavian military resort. When the Croatian War of Independence breakout, the hotel was abandoned.

2. The Liu Family Mansion, Taiwan.

The Liu Family Mansion, The Most Abandoned Places in Taiwan
Photo by Kathmanduandbeyond.com

Once got the luxury, the mansion of Liu Family is now a creepy place. The castle was inhabited around 1929. As the home of a rich businessman, Liu Family has eight members and of course some servants. The family eventually abandoned the home in 1950s.

There was no clear reason why the family left the beautiful mansion. Some say that the place was haunted by a severe horror after one of maids drowned herself in the mansion’s well. Some others say that at the same mansion, the ghosts of soldiers keep strolling the property until today.

3. Canfranc Station, Spain.

Canfranc Station, The Most Abandoned Places in Spain
Photo by @urbexshare

Railways are always admired. Besides the functions and speed, trains have their own uniqueness and romance. There are many love stories started onboard. Besides, railways are famous for the long history.

When new tracks and technology were invented, the old track, trains, and even station would be abandoned. one of them is the Canfranc train station in Huesca, Spain.

The majestic impression is still there. This once was an important station in Europe. It was abandoned when the train derailed on the French bridge side.

4. Pidhirtsi Castle, Ukraine.

Pidhirtsi Castle, The Most Abandoned Places in Ukraine
Photo by @castellidelmondo

Ukraine is always be a mysterious land due to the history, nuclear blast, and the impressive castles. Located in Pdhirtsi, Ukraine, this castle was built around 1635. During the World War I, the Russian soldiers ruined the interior. The luxurious interior furniture was taken away to Brazil by the owner; Roman Sanguszko.

The castle was reused during the World War II. It was occupied as a TBC hospital. But then, the building was damaged due to a big fire. The atmosphere is so eerie and creepy since then.

5. Kennecott Mines, Alaska.

Kennecott Mines, The Most Abandoned Places in Alaska
Photo by @fullerexistence

When we talk about abandoned castle forests, we should include this on the top list. Shrouded in the green of Alaskan wilderness, the Kennicott Mines are creepy as they are hidden in the remote are of forests.

The town was once a flourishing place with copper miners. By the late 1930s, the place was closed and the families were depleted gradually.

The last families left the place in 1950s. We cannot say that the ruins are castles but the prettiness is similar to that of medieval castles.

6. Fanling Mansion, Hong Kong.

Fanling Mansion, The Most Abandoned Places in Hongkong
Photo by Flickr.com

This Fanling mansion is one of the mansions that were found in East Asia. The location is close to Hong Kong and China border. The mansion is somewhat a masterpiece that show the beauty of china empire and the elegance of European elegance that was being adopted. The beauty of the high wall and many windows that are visible from the exterior deliver the best aesthetic.

7. Craco, Italy.

Craco, The Most Abandoned Places in Italy
Photo by @basilicataphotos

In the movie Passion of the Christ, we have seen this place as part of the setting. The place existed since 640. Visiting the place will give us a serene feeling since it is not only an abandoned castle but also an entire abandoned town.

During the 20th century, the people around the town was evacuated due to poor agriculture and flood.

8. Saint Nicholas Church, Macedonia.

Saint Nicholas Church, The Most Abandoned Places in Macedonia
Photo by Wikimedia.org

Many churches were constructed in beautiful places. This church is located at the Lake Mavorvo Macedonia. It was not the flood that damaged the church.

The destruction was intentional due to the creation of power plant around the area. The lovely landscape was then a little deteriorated since the church was abandoned.

9. Cambusnethan House, Scotland.

Cambusnethan House, The Most Abandoned Places in Scotland
Photo by @castlesofscotland

Located at the North Lanarkshire, Scotland, this is one of only few remaining Gothic homes in the country. We will fall in love with the staircase and also the Lockhart family crest over the entry. Today, the place is forbidden to visit because of the ruins. However, we can still take.

10. Ross Island, India.

Ross Island, The Most Abandoned Places in India
Photo by @mylifesatravelmovie

During the British administrative era, many places in India were constructed with excellent buildings. Located in South Andaman, this island was once a center of British administrative center. However, when the era was over, the island was abandoned.

Today, it is one of the most eerie abandoned place forests that has taken over by nature. Overgrown wild Ficus makes the place look like the setting of Jungle Book.

11. Gougi Island, China.

Gougi Island, The Most Abandoned Places in China
Photo by @kenly_truong

The striking abandoned place forests are more unforgettable as we step into the fishing village of Yangtze River, China.

The buildings are covered in greenery and ivy. The view is tranquil and so dreamy. It looks like a corner in the Wizard of Oz dream.

12. Mudhouse Mansion, Ohio.

Mudhouse Mansion, The Most Abandoned Places in Ohio
Photo by @hellosunshinemama4

The castle holds a very special story. The horror stories keep haunting until 2015, wen the owner demolished it. Besides the creepiness, the owners of this mansion were also myterious.

Some legend says that the owner was a rich man who hid his slaves during Civil War. Some others claim that the castle was the home of Bloody Mary.

13. Hirta Island, Scotland.

Hirta Island, The Most Abandoned Places in Scotland
Photo by @scotland.shots

In the past, the island was occupied by many inhabitants. However, starvation and extreme natural conditions made the place abandoned around 1930s.

There is no actually castles around the place. However, there are stone structures scattered around the fields in the island. It is so pretty but mysterious at the same time.

14. Kilchurn Castle, Scotland.

Kilchurn Castle, The Most Abandoned Places in Scotland
Photo by @jamesalroca

The abandoned castle forests list will lead us to this beautiful Scottish castle. It was built in the mid 1400s. The castle was the home of many powerful people.

Because of some security reason, the castle was abandoned in the 1700s. The location is striking. The design is amazing. The combinations make this castle more photographed in Scotland.

15. Kolmanskop Mine, Namibia.

Kolmanskop Mine, The Most Abandoned Places in Namibia
Photo by @pstravelnamibia

Namib is a land that was explored for its diamond. However, as the mine was exhausted around 1950s, people start to desert this very place.

Kolmanskop was left, the only thing that we can see today is a strange sight of abandoned houses.

16. Kayakoy, Turkey.

Kayakoy, The Most Abandoned Places in Turkey
Photo by @miss__moni_

Some places are abandoned due to disaster. Some others are left because of political reason. Kayakoy is left because of the political condition between Turkey and Greece. There are more than 350 houses abandoned in this area. All are in a severe deterioration.

17. The Jukuiju of Taiwan

The Jukuiju, The Most Abandoned Places in Taiwan
Photo by @da.da__lin

We can actually get many selections of creepy abandoned places around Asia. This is one of the creepiest. Located at the Taichung area, this mansion was built around 1920.

The history of this mansion remains unclear. Some people say that this was once owned by a wealthy businessman Chen Shaozong. Meanwhile, some people also believe that Poet Chen Ruoshi was also the owner of this property.

The place left and abandoned until today. The creepy look can be seen from the gate. The main building is still intact but the entire interior was deteriorated.

18. Allerheiligen Monastery, Germany.

Allerheiligen Monastery, The Most Abandoned Places in Germany
Photo by @jannpascua

The church has gone through various terrible natural disaster. It burnt up three times because of lightening. The church was ended up damaged and the ruins were abandoned as they were. It is located in the German Black Forest.

19. Ha Ha Tonka Mansion, USA.

Ha Ha Tonka Mansion, The Most Abandoned Places in USA
Photo by @missouristateparks

Located deep in Missouri’s Ozarks, the Ha Ha Tonka Mansion remains silence in a mysterious way. The name was literally means laughing waters. The place was cheerful but today, it is a complex of ruins that look so much creepy.

It was constructed in 1906 and became a dream come true for the owner, Robert Snyder. The European style castle was built on his private lake. It might look like a real Gatsby mansion.

The owner was reported to die in a car crash. The son of Snyder then sold the castle to a hotel developer. The place was finally ruined by fire. The hotel was closed for good. Today, people can visit the ruins when they are exhausted after skiing on the site.

20. Hotel de Salto, Colombia.

Hotel de Salto, The Most Abandoned Places in Colombia
Photo by @angekatt17

It is rare that a hotel is built in a forest nearby waterfall. Besides the hard construction, the marketing will be a little hard to handle.

This hotel was opened in 1928. Because of the decrease of economic, the hotels did not do a good business in the early 90s. It was abandoned and today, people often witness haunting things around the abandoned hotel.

21. The Great Wall, China

The Great Wall, China
Photo by @chinabasetravel

Some parts of the Great Wall in China were damaged and abandoned due to the immense size. The natural overgrowths have taken over the wall.

22. Carleton Villa, Ny

Carleton Villa, The Most Abandoned Places in New York
Photo by @gnewtontrainor

The world will be grateful to the owner of this mansion. It was William Wyckoff, the one who invented typewriter. The family was not fortunate to live in this elegant villa since the wife of the owner passed away before moving to the house. Death also prevented Wyckoff to live at the mansion. This building became one of creepy abandoned places since 60 years ago.

23. Aniva Rock Lighthouse, Russia

Aniva Rock Lighthouse, The Most Abandoned Places in Russia
Photo by alexskalin

The lighthouse is popular because it was built by the Japanese in 199. It was then abandoned during the World War 2.

24. Spreepark, Germany

Spreepark, The Most Abandoned Places in Germany
Photo by @urban_snapshot_

The place is so admirable though it is not actually a really ancient place. However, this pick is really nice since it has abundant parts to explore. This amusement park covers an area of 29.5 hectares. The place is located next to the river Spree. The place started to close when the owner, Norbert Witte moved to Peru on 18 January 2002. The amusement park was completed abandoned in August 2002.

25. The Chateau de Noisy, Belgium

Chateau de Noisy, The Most Abandoned Places in Belgium
Photo by @graciousopulence

An English architect Edward Milner built the castle in 1866. This is one of the most spectacular abandoned castles Europe. The architect worked under the commission of Liedekerke-De Beaufort family. The family left their previous castle (Vêves Castle) in the era of French Revolution. Unluckily, Edward Milner died before completing the castle. However, the construction was continued and completed in 1907 after the clock tower was done.

The castle was once occupied by the Nazis during the Battle of the Bulge. At first, the castle was named Miranda Castle. However, when it was taken by the National Railway Company of Belgium, the castle was named Chateau de Noisy. It was occupied as an orphanage and a camp for sick children. The castle was a popular children camp until totally abandoned in the late 1970.

26. Lake Reschen, Italy

Lake Reschen, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Places in Italy
Photo by @caminnissphoto

Lake Reschen is not a natural lake located at the western portion of South Tyrol, Italy. The location is at the border of Italy and Austria. It is not the lake that looks special but an abandoned church in the middle of the lake. When the water of the lake freezes, people can reach the place on foot.

The 14th century church submerged in the middle of water creating a beautiful impression. It is so creepy to see but so stunning at the same time. A legend tells that people can sometimes hear the bells ring during winter. In fact, the bells were removed long ago. Around 1950, the bells were removed from the tower because the church was about to demolish for building the lake.

27. Tunnel of love, Ukraine

Tunnel of love, The Most Abandoned Places in Ukraine
Photo by @_nature_image_vv

Tunnel of love is a famous railway photo in the internet. The place looks so much romantic with its green view and wonderful ambiance. Most people believe that this railway is a real track for public train. The fact is that is part of an amusement park in Ukraine. The place has been abandoned for years. It is called the Tunnel of Love for a reason.

28. Buzludzha Communist Headquarters, Bulgaria

Buzludzha Communist Headquarters, The Most Abandoned Places in Bulgaria
Photo by @g.earnhardt

This monument was built by the Bulgarian communist regime. When the placed was no longer occupied, it is abandoned. Today, the monument is fallen into deterioration and misuse.

29. Varosha Ghost Town Cyprus

Varosha Ghost Town, The Most Abandoned Places in Cyprus
Photo by @neven.martinec

Located at the northern of Cyprus, Varosha is a large area of tourist destination at the quarter south of the Cypriot City. During Turkish invasion in 1974, the place was collapse because people left the place. The area was then abandoned since then.

30. Balestrino, Italy

Balestrino, The Most Abandoned Places in Italy
Photo by @borghi.italiani

Balestrino is surely one of the most exceptional historic towns that we should include in our bucket list. The entire place looked a little creepy but so much attractive. The place is just upon a hill while the new town is growing below it. The place was abandoned in 1953 because of hydrogeological problems. The empty town now looks like a ghost town. This might not be as ancient as abandoned castles Europe. Yet, the creepiness is no joke.

31. Hermitage in Tollymore Forest Park

Hermitage in Tollymore Forest Park, The Most Abandoned Places in The World
Photo by Wikimedia.org

The park does not look like all abandoned but there is one set that is taken over by nature. That is surely something that resemble abandoned castles fantasy. The forest has 630 hectares to explore. It is a perfect place for filming Game of Thrones due to its location at the foot of the Mourne Mountains. The park is more than picturesque with its natural beauty. When you are in Newcastle, be sure to go there.

The creepiness of a building will be multiplied as the place is abandoned for so long. The aura will be different when people do not touch the place for some times. Nature takes over the place and the smells are always so humid. Even when it is a luxurious place, once it was abandoned, the atmosphere will be changed into mystery.

Creepy abandoned places are therefore always inviting. Indeed, some people find it a bad idea to visit the place. However, the look and history of the place is always an amazing side of beauty that we need to see.

Most of the time, creepy abandoned places did not have a clear reason to leave. Some buildings were left as they were. The interior looked still inhabited even though it the owner has abandoned that for so long.

Some places even still have the furniture. The wrecked furniture and deteriorated interior of abandoned castles make the places more haunting. Due to the mysterious factors inside the building’s architecture and stories, visitors will be scared just by seeing the pictures.

Abandoned places are excellent to hunt as photography objects. When the weather permits, the scenery will be more than stunning. If lucky, we can also witness some haunting moments around those places.

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