The 15 Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels in Usa & Other Countries – Economic fall and financial hardship are always two reasons why hotel owners leave the hotels as they are. The hotels would be shut and the whole mess will be left. In the USA, there are usually more cruel reasons such as business games and miscalculation.

Some business requires advisors who know the movement of money and customers. Some hotels might fail to find the right advisors so the business should be closed. Some others failed to survive due to Gold-Rush era expansion which did not meet expectation.

It was true that people were willing to travel and pay high rates for hotels when the Gold Rush era was still in. But then, when the era was over, hotels met their ends. Besides, there would be myriad reasons for hotels to be abandoned.

The elements of abandoned hotels were often left as they were. The conditions make the hotels look more mysterious and creepier. Some hotels do not only look creepy but also haunted. Real ghosts were caught by many visitors. Therefore, only those whoa re brave can go hunting the ruins and explore them.

The Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels in USA

There are many abandoned hotels in USA that are located around a fully operating hotel. So, people can stay at the hotels while hunting the abandoned and haunted hotels around.

1. Divine Lorraine Hotel, Philadelphia

Divine Lorraine Hotel Philadelphia, The Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels in USA
Photo by @visitphilly

This is an abandoned hotel in USA that has a future. The hotel is located at the corner of Broad Street and Fairmont Avenue in North Philadelphia. It was abandoned since 1999. The place was not too old so ruins hunters like to visit the place for adventure.

2. Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit

Lee Plaza Hotel Detroit, The Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels in USA
Photo by @florentchretien7

The ruin of this Lee Plaza Hotel in Detroit receives a huge attention due to the luxury and messy look at the same time. Adventurers of Detroit used to love to visit the ruins in 1990s.

Today, the place is vandalized. The building is more like a historical Detroit beauty with its excellent facade. However, wandering the corridors alone at night times will be so much terrifying.

3. Coco Palms Resort; Kauai, Hawaii

Coco Palms Resort Kauai Hawai, The Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels in USA
Photo by @danielrthorne

Once a super luxurious resort on the Kauai Island in Hawaii, the Coco Palms was abandoned due to a natural disaster. It was closed in 1992. The hotel used to host the movie Blue Hawaii (Elvis Presley’s).

4. Grossinger’s Catskill Resort and Hotel, New York

Grossingers Catskill Resort and Hotel New York, The Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels in USA
Photo by @jmexplorations18

During the golden era, THe Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel was a huge hype since 10,000 people came to the resort each year. The hotel opened a golf course, pool, and beauty salon.

People would say that it was one of the most luxurious resorts in the USA since it once had an artificial ski slope. The place was abandoned in 1986 after the death of the hostess, Jenny Grossinger.

5. Buck Hill Inn, Poconos Mountains

Buck Hill Inn Poconos Mountains, The Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels in USA
Photo by @modernvintagemama

The economic downfall in 1970s made it hard for the hotel to survive. The owner then closed the hotels in 1990s. After that, the wife of the owner fell ill mysteriously. She was sent to a psychiatric ward and made the owner of the hotel abandoned the hotel just as it was.

6. Roy’s Motel Café; Amboy, California

Roys Motel Cafe Amboy California, The Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels in USA
Photo by @rolinaca

For those like creepy place, this should be on the top list. This place is one of the creepiest abandoned hotels in USA because it is an abandoned place in a ghost town of Amboy. From the outside, this place is already so haunted with a vast area of desert landscape.

7. Palms Motel; Salton Sea, California

Palms Motel Salton Sea California, The Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels in USA
Photo by

Guests and even residents of Salton City abandoned the place in the late 1980s when the place became so polluted. All marine life was over and so the motel was also closed for good.

8. The Wonderland Hotel; Elkmont, Tennessee

The Wonderland Hotel Elkmont Tennessee The Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels in USA
Photo by

After being abandoned years ago, the remaining of the abandoned hotel was destroyed by a terrible fire. That was so sad for abandoned hotels in USA hunters. The place is taken over by the nature which creates an awesome creepiness.

Those are some of the abandoned hotels in USA that are truly attractive for those who admire creepy places.

The Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels in The World

The economic change in the USA and other countries made the super expensive buildings met the ending. Here is some bonus list of abandoned hotels from all over the world:

9. Hotel y Salto del Tequendama, Colombia

Hotel y Salto del Tequendama, The Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels in Colombia
Photo by

Overlooking the gorgeous Tequendama Falls, the hotel reached its first popularity around 1929. It used to welcome rich tourists who came to visit the waterfall. The hotel was abandoned due to a massive decrease of tourists since liquid waste contaminated the waterfall.

10. Hôtel Belvédère du Rayon Vert, Cerbère, France

Hôtel Belvédère du Rayon Vert, Cerbère, The Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels in France
Photo by @rabalades

The hotel was once closed during the civil war in Spain and failed to regain its popularity. The cool architecture was not enough for the hotel to be abandoned in 1983.

11. Ducor Palace Hotel, Monrovia, Liberia

Ducor Palace Hotel, Monrovia, The Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels in Liberia
Photo by @ducor_hotel_liberia

Who knows that a five starred hotel can be abandoned someday? This is a good example for that. The Ducor Palace Hotel used to have 106 rooms. Only a political turmoil could stop the hotel from receiving rich guests.

12. Kupari, Croatia

Kupari, The Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels in Croatia
Photo by @manghhha

It was rare for army to have a special place for enjoying a holiday. This was once a holiday village for a military resort. Sadly, it was bombed in 1991 after the army fled.

13. Bokor Palace Hotel, Cambodia

Bokor Palace Hotel, The Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels in Cambodia
Photo by @mikeisfree

From the architecture, we will know that the buildings were for a colonial residents. It was then abandoned in 1940s by French.

14. Puente del Inca, Argentina

Puente del Inca, The Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels in Argentina
Photo by @tripsample

It maybe the most spectacular hotel located in an adventurous landscape of Puente del Inca rock formations. It is also located around some natural hot springs. Built 1925, the place was abandoned in 1965 due to the disabled trans-Andean train route.

15. Resort in Gagra, Abkhazia

Resort in Gagra, The Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels in Abkhazia
Photo by

This building was originally constructed for a health retreat for the soldiers who were wounded after a war. Once again, political problems and ethnic communities conflict made the beautiful place abandoned.

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All of the abandoned hotels in USA own its charming look and mysterious histories. The rest abandoned hotels around the world also bring the same spirit. All of the buildings were made with strong construction since they had an important purpose. But once they are abandoned, nature takes over and create creepiness to the max.

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