15 of the Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels and Places in Japan

Astita.net – There are always creepy stories of abandoned places around the world. There will be thousands of reasons why the beautiful and luxurious places are finally abandoned. Abandoned Hotels in Japan also tell unique stories to captivate the world’s photographers.

Some of the places were abandoned due to economic changes. Some places look so much playful in a creepy way. The macabre yet enchanting sight on each ghost hotels mirror Tim Burton’s creation of darkly amazing sites.

Japan is the home of all the haunting creatures. The culture and natural image of Japan make the Abandoned Hotels in Japan even more haunting. Despite the ultra-modernity that the country keeps improving, the modern ruins of Japan are the art to hunt.

Vast area of hotels, villas, and love hotels are now taken over by the nature. The ornate and crumbling constructions say that they all are forgotten when it is on the top popularity.

The Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels in Japan

Exploring the marvelous ruins will be like to hunt a treasure in such extraordinary country. Here are some of the Abandoned Hotels in Japan that are captured by world’s famous photographers:

1. Hachijo Royal Hotel

Hachijo Royal Hotel, The Most Creepy Abandoned Hotel in Japan
Photo by @k_33_t1

There is more than just eerie space in this abandoned hotel. First of all, we need to know why such amazing building was finally left. The reason is simply because of the dwindling tourism in this remote island.

When people see the picture of its main building from afar, they will be surprised that this very hotel had been abandoned. The entire look of the hotel is still luxurious even after ruins and damaged furniture are found all over the rooms. Some spaces were left as they were and thus the buildings look so much mysterious.

Many would not believe that such expensive property fails to survive and the owners seemed to have no intention to move out the furniture and precious stuff inside the hotels. Some rooms still have beds, sofa, chairs, rugs, and even television.

In certain rooms, the ambiance is still too good to be abandoned. A room stays awesome with a clean carpet and a low table for tea. Another room still has a grand piano that used to entertain the visitors.

The most beautiful thing from the place is that some rooms are now taken over grass, mold, plants, and climbing trees. This Royal Hotel is surely one of the most fancy abandoned place in the entire universe.

2. Onsen Resort, Ibaraki Prefecture

Onsen Resort, Ibaraki Prefecture, The Most Creepy Abandoned Places in Japan
Photo by Atlasobscura.com

An Onsen or Love Hotel in Ibaraki Prefecture is also captured in a good angle. A set of chairs and a coffee table is found still serving by a big window.

People used to visit the place to get relaxed for its calming atmosphere. The magical greenery outside was the main attraction as well. Today, the place was just a ruin of a legendary Onsen.

3. Fuu Motel, Chiba Prefecture

Fuu Motel Chiba Prefecture, The Most Creepy Abandoned Hotel in Japan
Photo by Atlasobscura.com

This building stopped operating when tourism trends moved people to other types of motel. This used to be a love hotel that served people who want to enjoy a hotel mainly for a sexual satisfaction.

Therefore, the bathroom is designed with a pool and spa facilities for two. People can even see some erotic paintings are still hung on the wall.

4. The Kappa Onsen, Nikko

The Kappa Onsen Nikko, The Most Creepy Abandoned Places in Japan
Photo by Haikyo.org

Japan is a country that always admired culture and integrates culture, tradition, and life value in all life aspects including public facilities. Therefore, there are always traditional room for tea in hotels and Onsen.

Sadly, when the Kappa Onsen was abandoned years ago, precious china, tea pots, and ceramics sets were also left. We can now see the stuff scattered around the filthy floors of this abandoned hotel.

5. Maya Hotel, Kobe

Maya Hotel Kobe, abandoned hotel in Japan
Photo by @disk47

This is apparently one of the most popular Abandoned Hotels in Japan. The architecture of this hotel was cool and luxurious that only those who are from high class used to visit the hotel.

Today, we will see the ruins and find the scenic green view from the giant windows. A cup and saucers were even left there; making the view more ironically gorgeous.

6. Hirugano Height Hotel

Hirugano Height Hotel, abandoned hotel in Japan
Photo by News.gamme.com.tw

The abandoned hotel has escalators on the outside. It was due to the height of the construction. Today, there is no electricity at the site. However, when we visit the ruin by the evening, we will never know if the elevator will move. That is that creepy.

The entire building was damaged but the charm of this very hotel is still there. Most hunters will say that to enter the abandoned hotel is dangerous due to the extreme temperature and its damaged rooms which are full of glasses. However, many still come to the place just to snap the picture afar.

The Most Creepy Abandoned Places in Japan

7. Fumiya Town

Fumiya Town, The Most Creepy Abandoned Places in Japan
Photo by Offbeatjapan.org

It is not exactly a hotel but an entire town. The abandoned town deserves another article to discuss. The place looks more beautiful rather than creepy.

The town is not actually totally abandoned. Yet, the place is something so mysterious so it will be great to include the site if you are to hunt some Abandoned Hotels in Japan.

8. Kuroshio Inn

Kuroshio Inn, The Most Creepy Abandoned Hotel in Japan
Photo by Haikyo.org

The place looks devastated and terribly dirty. However, some people sneak into the building and capture some photos of the damaged place with beautiful cosplay models.

Japan is that crazy when it is for a creepy place for a photo shoot.

9. The Queen Chateau Soapland, Ibaraki

The Queen Chateau Soapland Ibaraki, The Most Creepy Abandoned Places in Japan
Photo by @sarotu40

The Queen Chateau used to be a brothel which was designed eccentrically. This place has a beautiful mural of a huge queen.

Those are some of the most haunted Abandoned Hotels in Japan. The rest is a bonus list of various abandoned places around Japan.

10. School of God, Yamagata

School of God Yamagata, The Most Creepy Abandoned Places in Japan
Photo by Haikyo.org

It is an old school with a pleasant beauty. You will find an amazing gym that is now covered in frozen.

11. Iwado Mine

Iwado Mine, The Most Creepy Abandoned Places in Japan
Photo by Offbeatjapan.org

It is not surprising to know that Japan has many abandoned mines. One of the creepiest is Iwado Mine.

12. Crematorium of the Moon

Crematorium of the Moon, The Most Creepy Abandoned Places in Japan
Photo by Offbeatjapan.org

A crematorium is enough to make people trembling. And when the placed is already abandoned, it will be the scariest place on the planet.

13. Niekawa School

Niekawa School, The Most Creepy Abandoned Places in Japan
Photo by Offbeatjapan.org

While in many other countries, schools are still rare, there are tons of abandoned schools in Japan. Niekawa school is located in a remote village with a splendid view.

14. Jordy and the Miso Factory

Jordy and the Miso Factory, The Most Creepy Abandoned Places in Japan
Photo by Haikyo.org

No one is quite sure about what the factory used to produce. However, some believe that was a noodle factory.

15. Zenko-Ji, Temple

Zenko-Ji Temple, The Most Creepy Abandoned Places in Japan
Photo by @sirikwan_2

Of course, there will be beautiful abandoned temples in Japan. This temple is surely one of the most stunning ones.

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