10 Abandoned Castles in USA; The Most Haunted Properties in USA

Astita.net – USA is never popular for its fairy tales and ancient castles due to its modernity. However, United States actually has its fair share of some abandoned castles. Some of the castles were not originally built for a royal family residential. But the designs surely look fantastic.

The abandoned castles have only little hopes for renovation. All the construction becomes shabby and it will be haunted at all hours. People are not suggested to stay overnight at all of the abandoned castles in USA. Some places will even be challenging to stroll during the evenings.

The Most Abandoned Haunted Castles in USA

1. Wyckoff Castle

Wyckoff Castle, The Most Abandoned Haunted Properties in USA
Photo by @claytonlose

The castle of Wyckoff Castle was in a bad luck from the beginning. The wife of Wyckoff died from cancer a month before the family moved in to the beautiful castle. Meanwhile, the owner, William O. Wyckoff died due to a sudden heart attack the first night. The heir, Clarence lost a hope and did not want to live in the fancy place.

The castle sits on a small island around New York and the master design of this castle looks amazing. The river that flows in front of the castle makes the building even more elegant. Yet, once a castle was left, the parts would soon be damaged and of course haunted.

2. Dundas Castle

Dundas Castle, The Most Abandoned Haunted Properties in USA
Photo by @cwcartwright21

It takes 14 years to complete the construction of the medieval-style Dundas Castle. The building was built by Bradford L Gilber in 1910. It is located in Roscoe, New York.

The beautiful castle was originally a gift for his lovely wife, Anna Maria Dundas. However, the couple unfortunately failed to live together at the castle. The castle even had not finished when Gilbert died.

The stone castle was then left and remained untouched since 1950. The place was stull in a good condition although almost all rooms have deteriorated. The restoration and further plans are hard to do because the castle is reported to be haunted by Anna Maria Dundas.

3. Castle Mont Rouge

Castle Mont Rouge, The Most Abandoned Haunted Properties in USA
Photo by @portablenc

You are wrong if you think that this castle is an ancient construction. Located inside the forest of Rougemont, Castle Mont Rouge was supposed to be a studio for art. The construction looks sturdy with its copper onion domes. Also, we can see spires decorating the exterior.

The main materials of the construction are marble and cinder blocks. It was Robert Mihaly, a sculptor that supposed to live in the studio.

The castle was built around 2005. The place was totally abandoned after the wife of Mihaly died. Rumor says that the spirit of his wife keeps haunted the place. It was now deteriorated even though the first floor originally had a bed, a small library, and of course a studio to work.

4. Squire’s Castle

Squire’s Castle, The Most Abandoned Haunted Properties in USA
Photo by @neohiofamilyfun

So, this is the creepy story. The castle was originally a mansion built in the late 1890s as a caretaker’s house. Sadly, the wife of Squire, the caretaker died alone at the mansion due to a fatal accident.

The original owner sold the house in 1922. This might be one of the most beautiful abandoned castles in USA. The castle had 3 floors but all are deteriorated. However, the exterior still looks stunning.

5. Franklin Castle

Franklin Castle, The Most Abandoned Haunted Properties in USA
Photo by @americancastles

If you search for the most haunted place in Ohio, the Franklin Castle is the answer. The castle was built with Queen Anne-style architecture. It has 4 floors and is surrounded by stone walls. The front part has turrets.

Considered as the creepiest place in the state, the building actually looks beautiful with details such as Gargoyles perch on the roof. Also, the castle has a carriage house as part of the majestic property. Sadly, the family who owned the castle died.

The place remained ownerless untul 1968. James Romano bought the property and lived there with his 6 children. However, the building was haunted and exorcists did not help. Finally, fire destroyed it. Massive renovation has been made but the castle still looked so much haunted.

6. Sibley Castle

Sibley Castle, The Most Abandoned Haunted Properties in USA
Photo by @joshua_david_craig

We have seen many towns in the entire USA are abandoned due to the worn-out gold mines. This castle has almost the same story. Located 45 miles northeast of Tucson, the castle was abandoned because of the mining community who finally deserted the area.

The castle used to have 20 rooms. The flooring was oak wood and the windows were dramatically beautiful. It was the house of artist, painter, and poet. Finally, the castle was declared a ghost castle in 1945.

7. MacFadden Castle

MacFadden Castle, The Most Abandoned Haunted Properties in USA
Photo by @rachel.guyer

It was common for any developed countries in 1800 or early 1900 to have a sanatorium for helping sick people to get a better health with therapies. This was one of the sanatorium which offered hydrotherapy spa. The place was originally Jackson Sanatorium.

The spa was closed in 1917 but the new owner reopened the place in 1929. The function had changed into hotel and recreational place. But business was good only until 1971 when the castle was finally closed for good.

Of course, a ghost story colored the closure of the place. Some told that the place is haunted by a teenage boy spirit who died after falling down from the elevator shaft.

8. Hearthstone Castle

Hearthstone Castle, The Most Abandoned Haunted Properties in USA
Photo by @aluf203

Located in Danbury, Connecticut, the castle has a medieval stone castle style. The name of Hearthstone castle was originally from the stone fireplaces built all over the place. The castle was built in 1897.

Today, the area is blocked with wire fence since the authority states that the place is considered dangerous. The place is owned by portrait photographer who built the castle for a summer home.

The owner, E. Starr Sanford died due to a strange event of a shock due to lightning hit when he was being in a ship. The properly became ownerless since then. The castle is reported to be haunted by a man and a ghost dog strolling all over the floor.

9. Beta Castle

Beta Castle, The Most Abandoned Haunted Properties in USA
Photo by Toptens.net

The seminary background of this building makes this castle haunting. Also, some reported that it is haunted by soldiers who died while being rehabilitated.

There after the World War II. The seminary was closed in 1942 and US Army took over the place. But that did not help the castle from a massive damage.

10. Bannerman’s Castle

Bannerman’s Castle, The Most Abandoned Haunted Properties in USA
Photo by @tttaaayylloorrr

USA is a land full of immigrants who searched for luck. This Bannerman’s Castle is also a castle of Scottish immigrant in the USA. It was Francis Bannerman, the man behind this castle. The castle was intended as a place for a business and a warehouse.

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The owner lived next to the castle but soon after some explosion and fire, the castle was abandoned. Today, the place was owned by New York City authority. Yet, it remains damaged and abandoned.

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