Abandoned Cities in the US: 15 Famous Ghost Towns You Can Visit in America

Astita.net – In any countries in the world, ghost towns or abandoned cities always attractive. In the US, the abandoned cities or the ghost towns are more than appealing because the authorities set a beautiful tour facility to reach the place.

Whether a country has been reaching a golden era or in the falling age, there will be various locations of abandoned cities. Not only adventurers will love to visit the strange attractions of the ghost town but also any curious travelers.

Visiting the abandoned cities in the US will give a great feeling for tracing the past. Once people visit the towns, they will usually feel contented to see the remnants of a popular place in the past. In addition, people will see the old elements that have been left due to various reasons.

People might think that the abandoned cities all have the beauty and history of the Wild West. But that is not true. Some of the places are just abandoned because of modernity, government city plans, and various other reasons.

Also, travelers do not have to be afraid of chemical problems in each place. Indeed, some abandoned cities such as Chernobyl was left due to its nuclear danger, but most old towns that are abandoned all around the US are secured.

Famous Ghost Towns and Abandoned Cities in the US

From Pennsylvania to Alaska, the abandoned cities are all worth visiting. Here are some of the most enchanting abandoned cities in the US to visit:

1. Thurmond, West Virginia

Thurmond West Virginia Ghost Town (Abandoned Cities in the US)
Photo by @3up2up

Being one of the most popular stops for Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad in the past, this town was an important town. It is located at the southwestern part of West Virginia which is now included as one of the most attractive old town all over US.

The great depression in 1930s changed the splendor into a terrible disrepair for the ghost town.

2. Virginia City, Montana

Virginia City Ghost Town Montana (Abandoned Cities in the US)
Photo by @petedantonio

This ghost town was an area with rich gold lodes. The area begins its success around 1863. After the gold ran out, the glory of this town reached the end.

Today, people can go to the city and visit Virginia City as a National History Landmark. It is a reminder of the Victorian era when gold mining boomed.

3. Bodie California

Bodie Ghost Town California (Abandoned Cities in the US)
Photo by @ghost_rogue

This abandoned city is also former mining town. The location is estimated to be inhabited by 10,000 people. Around 1900, a terrible fire destroyed most of the town.

People left the town and the rest is what we can see today. This is located around Lake Tahoe and Reno, Nevada.

4. Bombay Beach, California

Bombay Beach Ghost Town California (Abandoned Cities in the US)
Photo by @reis_koppel

Humans plan can never defeat nature’s plan. Therefore, the popularity of Bombay Beach decreased pretty soon after the increased of salinity in the Salton Sea and tropical storms in the 1970s.

The area was deserted and no longer a French Riviera of California version soon after the natural disaster.

5. Orla, Texas

Orla Texas Ghost Town (Abandoned Cities in the US)
Photo by Flickr.com

Orla is one of many old towns of Texas. In the era of Gold Rush, this town was built as an essential station for the Pecos River Railroad.

Some people still live in this city. However, many homes were abandoned making this old town look creepy but challenging at the same time. Ghost town enthusiasts love this place for its damaged but inviting architecture.

6. Kennecott, Alaska

Kennecott Ghost Town Alaska (Abandoned Cities in the US)
Photo by @travelling12valve

After producing $200 million until 1938, the mine in Kennecott closed. It stops operating and abandoned. Due to the remote area of civilization, the town could not survive.

People built hospitals, staking rink, and even schools at the town but those places are now history. An original mill building was there and travelers can now visit the place for its mysterious appearance.

7. Centralia, Pennsylvania

Centralia Ghost Town Pennsylvania (Abandoned Cities in the US)
Photo by @evelyn_isabella_wynn

Different from other abandoned cities in the US, Centralia owns a special story. The town is only 2 hours from Philadelphia. The town has died due to a fire. Some people burn the city unintentionally in 1962.

When some municipal employees set fire for burning trash, they did not realize that the fire would spread underground.

The fire became bigger as it reached the old mines undergrounds. People were evacuated and the town was left. Smokes still escapes from the cracks in the ground.

8. Rhyolite, Nevada

Rhyolite Ghost Town Nevada (Abandoned Cities in the US)
Photo by @chrispodz

The same story of exhausted mine happened to Rhyolite. The town got its popularity fast during the early 1900s. People came and invested in the mines all over the town.

As soon as the earthquake stroke San Francisco in 1906, people left the town gradually. The financial crisis of 1907 made it worse. The inhabitants slowly abandoned the town and the buildings were slowly ruining.

9. Cahaba, Alabama

Cahaba Ghost Town Alabama (Abandoned Cities in the US)
Photo by @adventuringlight

Cahaba was initially the state’s permanent capital. However, it lost its status in 1826 that made the town be minor town.

The functions were changed into cotton distribution center and a prison for Union troops. The worst thing occurred to the town was the floods by the early 20th century.

10. Cody, Wyoming

Cody Ghost Town Wyoming (Abandoned Cities in the US)
Photo by @parm31

Those who admire Wild West view and heritage buildings will love to visit this town. The town was founded by Col. William Cody which was popular as Buffalo Bill in 1870s.

The town was then called Cody. It is one of the most visited abandoned cities in the US because of the authenticity and the Wild Weld spirit.

11. Calico, California

Calico Ghost Town California (Abandoned Cities in the US)
Photo by @djaymoune

Many abandoned cities in the US are literally changed into tour destinations nowadays. Calico, California is definitely one of the places.

This town was originally an important gold mine. This ghost town is now a landmark where tourists can explore Maggie Mine.

This is only mine which is still operating. The sight is gorgeous and travelers will love to stroll Calico Odessa Railroad for snapping many creepy sites.

12. Goldfield, Arizona

Goldfield Ghost Town Arizona Abandoned Cities in the US
Photo by @mr.mrs.bencho

If you love to spend much times in a ghost town, Goldfield will be one of the most enchanting ones. People can do various activities in this tourist spot.

Today, the ghost town has changed into a pretty place for horseback rides, saloon, and even a reptile exhibition. Travelers can visit the museum around where visitors can trace back to see the story of Goldfield.

After drying up by 1898, people still inhabited the town. However, the place got was not fortunate enough since it was left once again in 1921.

13. St. Elmo, Colorado

St Elmo Ghost Town Colorado(Abandoned Cities in the US)
Photo by @fugitiveminds

It seems that almost all gold mines in the US turned to be ghost towns. Another bustling mining center had been abandoned by 1930.

It was reported that only seven people lived there to run a general store and hotel. And of course, the hotel is rumored to haunt the whole ghost town. This is one of the creepiest abandoned cities in the US.

14. Terlingua, Texas

Terlingua Ghost Town Texas (Abandoned Cities in the US)
Photo by @spen.surrr

Mercury crashed cause most residents of Terlingua left the town. However, the town still operates and visitors can enjoy tasty delicacies at the restaurants around the town.

People can also stroll the historical sites after chatting and drinking in its attractive saloon.

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