24 Abandoned Castles; The Stories behind Famous Abandoned Castles in the World

Astita.net – Castles are the pictures of a dream place for people to live. The image of castles always brings the glamorous luxuries where people want to enjoy. Even though the truth does not always say the same, the castles are always admirable since many people believe that only limited and fortunate people can live in a castle.

In the past, castle was a prestigious place for royal families to live in. That is why the architecture could never be ordinary. Also, the castles always adopt the latest designs and art style of that certain era.

The abandoned castles aesthetic shows how a castle was built with amazing architecture, styles, and art. A castle always had special features like a cone tower. The tower stands in front of the main building to show how majestic the entire building will be.

Some of the tower was functioned as a security guard place for observing some intruders. Some towers were just ornament for creating a fancy look.

In certain design, the towers were ornated with a giant clock. The clock was also a luxurious idea for a house in the past. In addition, a castle should have a durable building material. The stoned wall will usually resist the ages.

For centuries or more, the palace will stand still showing the stunning strength. Besides, the roof and ceilings are also beautiful. The ornament and painting on the ceiling are always jaw-dropping. Not to mention the flooring and wall décor.

Everything in the interior of abandoned castles are still amazing. The abandoned castle aesthetic is something that this generation has to see.

The spectaculars structure of the opulent palaces and manor houses were constructed to be seen from generation to generation. Due to wars, economic challenges, disasters, and even due to a rare occasion of horror, castles were abandoned. But the destiny of a castle is always to be admired.

There are always attractive stories in every abandoned castle. The abandoned castles families all hold a secret behind the fancy castles. Some castles were abandoned because of the invasion of political enemies. Some other castles were left behind as the families find that the castles were creepy.

Some castles were changed into other functions once they were abandoned. It is common then that a castle could a house during certain era and an orphan house at a different era.

No matter what the reason, an abandoned castle is always charming. The glorious castles are remembered for its architectures, its story, and of course because of the abandoned castles families histories.

Once a castle was emptied, people will start creating a story for that place. Indeed, some of the myths happen because of facts. But some others can be a faked story that will make the place even creepier. However, abandoned castles, house, mansion, and even abandoned towns will never be boring.

People will love to listen to the histories and rumors about those places. There are countless abandoned castles who will also be famous because of their wonderful castles.

Europe is a continent that is full of fairy tale stories and amazing architecture of fairy tales. The countries offer countless places where dream come true. People can easily make their imagination real by visiting many cities in European countries.

The place is the land with hidden treasures and most amazing royal stories. Even the abandoned castles Europe can tell the most enchanting stories that can still be visible until today. Not only abandoned castles, there are also abandoned places scattered around Europe. All of them are attractive.

Abandoned Castles in the World you can Visit

1. Havré Castle, Mons, Belgium.

Havré Castle Belgium, Most Abandoned Castles Medieval with the Creepiest Stories Behind
Photo by @billrulophotos

The castle survived quite well in the past. The medieval castle suffered from a terrible attack several times in 1578. More than a century later, the building got a massive restoration. However, the scholars stated that the restoration and changes of its function could really mirror how the castle deserved to look like.

The restoration was the ironies of its presentation today. The building looks so sturdy but loses its beauty. However, we will still be able to feel the superb architecture through the exterior and interior of the abandoned castle.

2. Pidhirtsi Palace, Ukraine.

Pidhirtsi Palace, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Castles 16th Century in Lviv, Ukraine
Photo by @duartequerido

A castle does not always belong to the royal families. This one was built by Stanislaw Koniecpolski, a Polish Military Commander. He built the castle in the 1630.

During the World War 1, the building was severely damaged. It was changed into sanatorium until a huge fire damaged the castle in 1956. The building is a symbol of both aesthetic and strength for that very era.

3. Sans Souci Castle, Milot, Haiti.

The Palace of Sans Souci, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Castles 16th Century in Milot, Haiti
Photo by @mc0114

Let’s start the abandoned castle from Haiti. The palace was built under the rule of King Henry Christophe. He was once a slave who was elected as a president. That was an epic history behind this palace construction. The president then coronated himself as a king of the country.

The era changed from a slavery into a royalty rapidly. The dramatic changes made the country suffered from a tyrannical power which was not that good for its people. The castle was abandoned in 1842 after a huge earthquake.

4. Jahangir Mahal, Orchha, India.

Jahangir Mahal, Orchha, India, The Most Abandoned Castles in The World
Photo by @india.diaries

The Emperor of Mughal is famous for the glory and taste in building castles and fortress. The magnificent complex was constructed around 1610.

This is surely one of the best abandoned castles to see since this is a real palace where the emperor and the family lived. The culture does not permit this Muslim heritage to be well-maintained. It seems that the ruin of the castle is marginalized so it does not get much prestige. However, the beauty and aesthetic are still vividly shown.

5. Dacha Kvitko, Sochi, Russia.

Dacha Kvitko, Sochi, Russia, The Most Abandoned Castles in The World
Photo by @oxi_snakeadder

The abandoned castle aesthetic now looks so much creepy. However, we should never ignore the stunning beauty of its architecture and art. The castle was located at the Black Sea.

The place aesthetic was not last long even when the place was still perfectly maintained. The Soviet era shifted the place as a barrack and ruined the prettiness of the town. However, the place was a festive building with an elegance.

6. Villa de Vecchi of Italy

Villa de Vecchi of Italy, The Most Abandoned Castles in The World
Photo by @lucyvanpelt666

This creepy abandoned castle was full of heartbreak. Therefore, the ambiance is so much painful and creepy at the same time. The architect, Alessandro Sidoli died a year before the mansion was completed.

Another architect continued the work but the owner, Count de Vecchi should also suffer from heartbreak since his wife was murdered at the mansion. Not only that, his daughter went missing and he could not resist that deep sadness. He committed suicide and left the house abandoned with that deep mournfulness.

7. Duckett’s Grove, Carlow, Ireland.

Duckett’s Grove, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Castles 16th Century in Carlow, Ireland
Photo by @turismoirlanda

It is surely a great destination to visit when people are in Carlow, Ireland. The palace was built at 1830. It is now a beautiful architecture that makes the county landscape so beautiful that people should never miss.

The building was once a showcase of the wealth and supreme of Anglo- Irish Ascendency. The family owner was the Ducketts. The dynasty was over at the early 1900s. Even the ruin is so aesthetical since it is located at the edge of a cliff.

8. The Chateau Miranda, Belgium.

The Chateau Miranda, Belgium, The Most Abandoned Castles in The World
Photo by @abandonedearth

Chateau Miranda is listed in almost all abandoned castles discussions. The beauty of the castle lasts and people will always fall for the impressive neo-gothic style.

The castle was occupied as an orphaned and sick children house until the era of 1980s. And it was finally abandoned since 2017. So, it was abandoned not so long ago.

9. Castello di Sammezzano, Italy.

Castello di Sammezzano, Italy, The Most Abandoned Castles in The World
Photo by @levante_drone_festival

For those who love urban architecture and love to hunt a masterpiece of luxurious architecture, this is just an unmissable option. The palace is located just outside of Florence. While visiting some popular tourist destination at the town, it will be good to also visit this site.

This grand hilltop palazzo was built in 1605 for the Ximenes of Aragon. Within two or more centuries, the palace was still occupied. Yet, in 19th century, the castle was remodeled into another style. Due to a different architecture and art trend, the style is changed into Moorish Revivalist design. The dazzling colors and artistic patterns made the building even more enchanting.

It was Ferdinand Panciatichi Ximenes, the one who applied the excellent style into the castle. The palace used to have 365 rooms. It was a fancy hotel that accommodated people for a hundred year before being abandoned. Today, the authority is restoring the palace so it will appear beautiful just like at its glorious time.

10. Reinhardsbrunn Castle, Friedrichroda, Germany.

Reinhardsbrunn Castle, Friedrichroda, Germany, The Most Abandoned Castles in The World
Photo by @mdr_th

The castle was originally an administrative building. It was the Duke of Ernest I of Saxe- Coburg-Gotha that reconstructed the building for being more opulent.

The restoration was done around 1827. The castle has the English style because at that very time, German was closely related to the head of European state.

11. Chateau de Noisy, Belgium.

Chateau de Noisy Namur Belgium, Abandoned Castles Medieval with the Creepiest Stories Behind
Photo by @flickr.com

This castle is not only famous for its architecture but also for the heart warming stories. This is one of the castles that are always pictured as a piece of artwork. The design is a masterpiece that is usually used to visualized a real castle of a fairytale world. This castle was a perfect art with its tower, brick, and of course for the amazing beauty. The perfection now appears in ruin but people will always admire this place for its unique architecture and interior design.

The palace shows a neo-gothic style that was erected in 1866. It is popular as Miranda Castle before its changed into a house for sick children. The family lived here until the invasion of Nazi German during the World War II. Because of the palace size, the castle was occupied as a combat rage.

After that, the palace was functioned as an orphanage and a house for the sick children. That is apparently the reason behind the name of Chateau de Noisy. Starting from 1991, the palace was totally abandoned.

12. Muromtzevo Castle, Sudogda, Russia.

Muromtzevo Castle, Sudogda, Russia, The Most Abandoned Castles in The World
Photo by @galinakholomeeva

The family of Vladimir Phrapovitsky never got the chance to live in this stunning castle. Dated back at the 19th century, the castle was a perfection of P. S. Boitzov of Moscow. It has the style of medieval German castle. It used to have horse stables and pond with French touches. Unluckily, the family had to leave the house and flee to another country. The family was noted to live in poverty.

13. Chateau de Carnelle, France.

Chateau de Carnelle France, Abandoned Castles Medieval with the Creepiest Stories Behind
Photo by @bellafayegarden

A castle is not always a place where a King and Queen live. But almost all castles and palaces were the house of royal families. Castles are never ordinary. They were built on top of a hill and on the edge of a cliff. The positions, materials, and styles of castles were always that amazing and expensive.

Therefore, castles are always owned by the Duke, Count, Countess, Prince, Noblemen, artists, inventors, and other people who belong to royal families. Abandoned castles families are always people from royal lines. This Chateau de Maison-Laffite was also a great piece of artwork. This place was functioned as an infirmary by the end of 1930.

14. Gwyrch Castle, Abergele, North Wales.

Gwyrch Castle, Abandoned Castles Medieval with the Creepiest Stories Behind
Photo by @dave.mccall666

Bamford- Hesketh family lived at the palace at the 19th century. After that, the heiress Winifred, the Countess of Dundonald inherited the building. The castle is now a creepy place. A ghost is often noticed to gaze behind the window. People believe that it was the ghost of the Countess.

15. Dundas Castle, Roscoe, New York.

Dundas Castle, Roscoe, New York, The Most Abandoned Castles in The World
Photo by @babesrideout

This beautiful castle is located at the Catskill Mountains New York. It is not a medieval castle since it was constructed around 1915. It was the era of gothic style. We can thus the style of gothic exterior clearly at the castle. The family suffered a lot even before living at that amazing castle. The husband died before the construction was completed. The wife was sick and sent into a sanatorium and the heirs went bankrupt.

16. Chillon Castle, Veytaux, Switzerland

Chillon Castle, Veytaux, Switzerland, The Most Abandoned Castles in The World
Photo by @oskarpiecuch

Why were castles built on a rocky inlet on lake, on the edge of cliff, by the hill that facing a beach, and even atop a mountain? Because ordinary locations were just for peasant. Also, the kingdom worried about the wars and rebels. Due to those reasons, the Chillon Castle, Veytaux is located on the Lake Geneva. It was once a medieval fortress.

The architecture is influenced by some period of art era including Savoy, Barnese, and Vaudois. The Prisoner of Chillon poem was written to memorize this castle. Also, we can find Lord Byron’s name was carved in the dungeons. This is one of abandoned castle fantasy in Europe that inspired writers.

17. Doune Castle in Stirling, Scotland

Doune Castle in Stirling, Scotland, The Most Abandoned Castles in The World
Photo by @freckle_gil

It is a set for some famous movies and television series. This was once a home of the King of the North in the Game of Throne movie. It was also the house of the Stark family. It is so beautiful that the ruins of the abandoned castles fantasy can be a set of Winterfell. It took weeks to built the set but the result was amazing.

18. Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal

Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal, The Stories behind Famous Abandoned Castles in the World.
Photo by @ely_the_queen

People will agree that this is one of the most stunning abandoned castles fantasy around Europe. The exterior is unique with its complicated art. Even before entering the castle, we will know that this was once a masterpiece. This is a magical gothic 20th century heritage site awarded by UNESCO. The gothic architecture says it all. It has a magical turrets, octagonal towers, and gargoyles as ornaments. Not to mention the enchanting garden.

19. Malbork Castle, Malbork, Poland

Malbork Castle, Malbork, Poland, The Stories behind Famous Abandoned Castles in the World.
Photo by @kirche_moschee_synagoge_tempel

Many of castles in Europe functioned as palaces, fortress, and headquarters. Malbork Castle was built by the Teutonic Knights as the headquarters. As one of the UNESO World Heritage Site lists this abandoned castle has an elegant structure. You will be amazed by the large size of the castle complex that it takes at least 3 hours to stroll the castle. A guided tour is available Tuesday to Sunday.

20. The Castle of Ravadinovo, Bulgaria.

The Castle of Ravadinovo, Ravadinovo, Bulgaria, The Stories behind Famous Abandoned Castles in the World.
Photo by @vell_i

We can still get a chance to visit a brand-new castle with a surreal design. It was not a fortress nor a royal family house. The place is even still under construction. It was started 20 years ago and soon people can enjoy the beauty. Unlike other fake castles, the Ravadinovo is amazingly perfect. It will be one of the most enchanting tour destinations in Bulgaria.

21. Orava Castle, Oravský Podzámok, Slovakia

Orava Castle, Oravský Podzámok, Slovakia, The Stories behind Famous Abandoned Castles in the World.
Photo by @castlespalaces

In any of fairy tale story, we will see that the castles are located on top of hills. This is so because it is a common believe of royal families that high ground is the best location for castles and palaces. Orava Castle is located atop the high ground and looks gorgeous until this present time.

The architecture mixed some styels including Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Romanesque. This is a masterpiece that owns any features that we imagine on a castle. It even has an underground tunnels and dungeon.

22. Alhambra, Granada, Spain

Alhambra, Granada, Spain, The Stories behind Famous Abandoned Castles in the World.
Photo by @dw_euromaxx

Alhambra literally means Red Castle in Arabic. There is a glaring reason why this castle was named with Arabic. The place was the last part of Spain the remain under the Muslim rule until 1492. The castle boasts several different palaces. Therefore, it is listed in UNESCO World Heritage.

It has halls, gardens, monastery, and promenade. Alhambra was ornated with calligraphic style of Islamic architecture. This is unique and so much appealing since Alhambra is the only place that is decorated that way.

23. Burg Eltz Castle, Wierschem, Germany

Burg Eltz Castle, Wierschem, Germany, The Stories behind Famous Abandoned Castles in the World.
Photo by @visitburgeltz

Every time we see a beautiful abandoned castle fantasy, we will usually regret the way the building is deteriorated. So, when we see this one, we will be thankful. This castle is lucky because it is in a very good condition. The building remains untouched by war for more than 850 years.

The location is secured from wars. The beauty of a castle of everyone’s fantasy is here in this abandoned castle. The castle has medieval style with Celtic and Roman fortifications art. Guided tour is available so tourists should never miss this.

24. Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland

Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland, The Stories behind Famous Abandoned Castles in the World.
Photo by @jamessterlingphoto

There are actually many styles of European castles but this one resembles the look that fits European castle beautifully. The old ruins are truly gorgeous especially because of the location. Built around the 16th century, the Dunluce Castle is so much appealing since it was located on the edge of a cliff. History says that the castle was abandoned after the kitchen and staffs fell into the ocean. The story is creepy, the ruins are haunting but still people are going to love it.

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Castles are architecture products that are always enchanting. People always get thrilled with the unique designs and history. There are several styles of castles depending on the era when the castle was built. In addition, it is also great to see that some castles were dedicated for some important people like wives, noblemen, or for protecting a country.

Therefore, when it is for abandoned castles Europe, people will be so amused with the histories behind its creepiness. And apparently, there are various places in Europe that are also abandoned. Amusement parks that can be a luxurious item in some developing countries are abandoned in Europe. Some fancy hotels were not launched and abandoned instead. Those places must be very attractive to see. European countries are complex and they all had dark past. Therefore, there are a lot of places including abandoned castles Europe which are now stunning places to visit.

The creepy abandoned castles were built for providing comfort and beauty for the owners. However, histories changed and left a misery to those buildings. No matter what the stories tell, the castles remain a beautiful piece of art. The architecture styles can be references for our modern world.

The interesting stories of abandoned castles families enrich the history of a building. Most of the time, it is not the original owner that finally left the house. Sadly, some heirs sold the property because of some reasons.

Some heirs found the building haunted that they decided to leave it. Some others suffer from a bad financial condition. The properties were abandoned and most of them are now damaged.

Everyone will regret seeing the buildings deteriorated but many problems including wars and invasion were all inevitable. Because of the strength, some castles still stand beautifully even though some others were now ruining. Yet, we can still admire many castles and the family stories as well.

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