15 Most Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Castles in Ireland

Astita.net – If you are adventurers who want to find many abandoned buildings and castles, you need to put Ireland on the list. Ireland is always a unique place with its royal background. The deep and interesting history of Ireland makes this country fabulous for its castles and countryside.

The beautiful green landscape is also something that is unmissable in Ireland. Also, there are many lovely old towns that are unforgettable. This very country is a gem that will make tourists love the way it shows people how a European country should look and feel.

What is so elegant about Ireland is the landscape and its castles. While wandering around some hidden village and countryside, people will notice various old ruins.

Witness the Beauty and Creepiness of Abandoned Castles in Ireland

Some of the abandoned castles in Ireland still look mesmerizing despite the terrible ruins. However, some abandoned places are so creepy. Here is some of the mysterious abandoned ruins around Ireland.

1. Bishop’s Island’s Ruins, County Clare.

Bishop’s Island’s Ruins, County Clare, The Most Abandoned Places in Ireland
Photo by @ierlandtoerisme

Between the 8th and 12th century, this island is the home of church ruins. The ruins of the church look majestic with the beach of Kilkee background. The dry stone as the main material of the abandoned church gives the place more attractive look. Today, there is no access to visit the island but we can still see the ruins with binoculars from a viewpoint.

2. Athassel Abbey, County Tipperary.

Athassel Abbey, County Tipperary, The Most Abandoned Castles in Ireland
Photo by @jamesos83

The ruins are simply amazing. Stepping in the place will give visitors a special feeling of tracing back to centuries ago. We can easily imagine how the castle looks long ago. The place has secret rooms. Some walls are decorated with carving. The abandoned castle is located by The River Suir. Dated back 12th century and used to be the largest medieval castle in Ireland make this abandoned castle breathtaking. go to this place in Spring and enjoy your memories in the hidden beauty if Ireland.

3. Fiddaun Castle, County Galway.

Fiddaun Castle, County Galway, The Most Abandoned Castles in Ireland
Photo by @internationalul

It will be a little tricky and dangerous to visit this place. The abandoned castle was old building but if we have a chance to visit County Galway, we need to see this place. But the abandoned castle is located in private land which makes it hard for visitors to go to the ruins without passing some people’s properties. Do not trespass without permission.

4. Lackeen Castle, County Tipperary.

Lackeen Castle, County Tipperary, The Most Abandoned Castles in Ireland
Photo by @youngboyle

This castle was abandoned but beautifully restored by the authority of County Tipperary. The restoration makes it possible for visitors to access all floors. The castle has fireplaces and garderobe. We can also go up to the top floor where we can witness a majestic scenery of the countryside.

5. Tyrone House, County Galway.

Tyrone House, County Galway, The Most Abandoned places in Ireland
Photo by @four_one_two

This is one of abandoned castles in Ireland that was originally a house of a royal family. This place was built in the 19th century. The main building stays even though the floors, staircase, and doors are all gone due to fire. The abandoned castle is definitely beautiful in a creepy way.

6. Graystown Castle, County Tipperary.

Graystown Castle, County Tipperary, The Most Abandoned Castles in Ireland
Photo by @irishtowerhouses

Graystown Castle must be a very elegant building in its glorious era. The castle was built around the 15th century. It is located on the edge of a cliff. We can now only se the Tower House but just to look at the ruins will already be a lovely experience.

7. Rockstown Castle, County Limerick.

Rockstown Castle, County Limerick, The Most Abandoned Castles in Ireland
Photo by @youngboyle

Ireland is full of majestic view as we visit the country in spring. In this abandoned castle, we can go to the rooms by climbing up stairway that is covered by flowers. That will a stunning place to visit in County Limerick. This place was built around the 15th century. The elegant ruins are located on top of a rock on a hill. The view is simply stunning.

8. Carrigogunnel Castle, County Limerick.

Carrigogunnel Castle, County Limerick, The Most Abandoned Castles in Ireland
Photo by @virginia_justice

Carrigogunnel Castle was built in the 15th century. This is one of the oldest ruin that we can witness in Ireland. The abandoned castle is popular since it was featuerd on the album of U2 back in 1985. The castle looks proud to stand on top of a volcanic crag. The castle is surely an amazing architecture masterpiece.

9. Castle Otway, County Tipperary.

Castle Otway, County Tipperary, The Most Abandoned Castles in Ireland
Photo by @casey_murray

County Tipperary is a heaven for abandoned castles in Ireland hunters. Castle Otway is one that people should never miss. The architecture of this abandoned castle resembles the fairy tale castle we always imagine. This castle was dated back mid-18th century. The medieval Tower was attacked to the house creating a very dramatic and stunning effect.

10. Downhill House, Derry

Downhill House, Derry, The Most Abandoned Place in Ireland
Photo by @uk.shots

The gate has a kind of mythical jaguar on top. The place must be extremely luxurious in its era.

11. Ballygrennan Castle, County Limerick.

Ballygrennan Castle, County Limerick, The Most Abandoned Castles in Ireland
Photo by @youngboyle

Castles were originally designed for homes but it was possible that castles were functioned for schools and even fortress. The sizes of castles are varied as well.

This one is huge and visitors will need to spend an hour trekking down the path to find the abandoned castle. The walk will be paid off as visitors find the big ruins with its Tower House. Reaching the place will be fun since people can have a nice walk along the Morningstar River and get pleasure in the scenic view.

12. Castlelyon Castle, Cork

Castlelyon Castle, Cork, The Most Abandoned Castles in Ireland
Photo by @themessiejessie

The location is hidden but we will love the serene atmosphere around this place. There are only several walls intact to the ground. It seems that the entire castle has already deteriorated. However, we will be able to imagine the way the castle should actually look.

13. Mount Panther, Down

Mount Panther, Down, The Most Abandoned Castles in Ireland
Photo by @ryan_smithh11

The luxurious house was abandoned due to some personal reasons. The entire building now looks so much creepy.

14. Mountjoy Barrack, Dublin

Mountjoy Barrack, Dublin, The Most Abandoned Castles in Ireland
Photo by @irelandd2019

This must be a fortress or military basecamp in the past. The building is solid and look fierce.

15. Killeavy Castle, Armagh

Killeavy Castle, Armagh, The Most Abandoned Castles in Ireland
Photo by @john_mathews1

It was Foxhall Family who once lived in this mansion. The place was a home before abandoned and be one of the most stunning gothic castles in Ireland.

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The experience of being in abandoned castles in Ireland will not be found anywhere else in the world. The creepiness and the beauty of each castle blend wonderfully. It will leave a warm memory for all visitors who admire old buildings with their majestic stories.

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