Abandoned Castles 16th Century; 10 Castles to Include on Your Bucket List

Astita.net – Mostly, abandoned castles are dated back during the Medieval time. The abandoned castles 16th century leave a very beautiful impression due to the architecture and stories.

Indeed, they are many other castles or buildings that were dated long before the 16th century. However, some of the ruins are not detected and even too little to learn. Many castles and places which were abandoned too long were a mere archeological site.

Meanwhile, abandoned castles 16th century looks so much appealing with its dramatic history and also wonderful architecture. Even the strong structures are finally deteriorated and taken over by the nature.

The palatial buildings were abandoned and ended on decay because of reasons ranging from political problems, economic conditions, rumors of haunting, and also natural disasters.

The castles can show high society lifestyle and wealthiness during the era. Therefore, it can be a trace of history for some societies.

The abandoned castles 16th century were originally luxurious homes. The places were once a residential for rulers or famous people. Also, the castles were owned by creators and aristocrats.

Some of the owners are business titans. Those people fashion themselves over a royalty. However, the luxury was over and they had to abandon their castle.

Some of the castles were restored but many of them were left as they were due to some financial requirements to deal with the plans.

The Most Abandoned Castles 16th Century Around the World

1. Bodiam Castle — Sussex, England

Bodiam Castle, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Castles 16th Century in Sussex, England
Photo by @uk.shots

This is one of the most popular abandoned castles in England. Although it was built long before the 16th century, the castle is so much admirable for its construction.

The Knight, Edward III planned to occupy the castle as a fortified family manor. When the family line was over, the place was used for several other functions before being abandoned around the 17th century.

Today, it is an attractive tourist attraction in Sussex. We can visit the abandoned castle while buying a gift since it has some beautiful gift shops to visit.

2. Leh Palace — Ladakh, India

Leh Palace, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Castles 16th Century in Ladakh, India
Photo by @picturesque_ladakh

Standing sturdily on a rocky land, Leh Palace still looks amazing. The unique construction of mud, wood, and sand makes this building one of the special sites of abandoned palace around the world.

Even though most of the materials are stones, it is so beautiful to see the building still stands despite the humble materials. This is one of abandoned 16th castles in India that was a house for a royal family.

The upper floors were a place to live while the lower rooms were stables and storerooms. Unfortunately, the place was abandoned since the 19th century.

3. Jal Mahal — Jaipur, India

Jal Mahal, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Castles 16th Century in Jaipur, India
Photo by @crazy._.traveller

Abandoned castles 16th century are not only found around Europe. Famous for a Floating Palace, Jal Mahal was constructed in the middle of an artifical lake in Jaipur, India.

The palace looks so much dramatic with its reflection. It was built around the 16th century. It was so unique to know that the palace was once a hunting lodge for the local royals. It was not actually abandoned but sank due to the dams expansion.

4. Kirby Hall – Northamptonshire, England

Kirby Hall, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Castles 16th Century in Northamptonshire, England
Photo by @markthirkillsphotography

Kirby Hall was built in 1570. So, it is one of the abandoned castles 16th century that people need to visit or at least write on the bucket list.

This is the house of Lord Chancellor that was finally abandoned since 1810. The manor house has been featured as a movie set.

5. The Palace of Sans Souci — Milot, Haiti

The Palace of Sans Souci, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Castles 16th Century in Milot, Haiti
Photo by @mc0114

Haiti also has a breathtaking abandoned castle. It is located in the mountains of the northern part of Haiti. It was done in 1813.

The place was apparently the home of King Henry Christophe. It was famous as the Versailles of the Caribbean. The castle was once damaged due to an earthquake in 1842 after being abandoned in 1820.

6. Duckett’s Grove — Carlow, Ireland

Duckett’s Grove, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Castles 16th Century in Carlow, Ireland
Photo by @turismoirlanda

This unfortunate gothic building was burned in a fire in 1933. It was built around the 18th century.

7. Pidhirtsi Palace — Lviv, Ukraine

Pidhirtsi Palace, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Castles 16th Century in Lviv, Ukraine
Photo by @duartequerido

Ukraine is never failed of giving surprises. In this country, we can find a great abandoned castle of 17th century. The place was designed by Andrea dell’Aqua, an Italian architect.

The place changed its function from a home into a hospital in the past.

8. Grand Hôtel de la Forêt — Corsica, France

Grand Hôtel de la Forêt, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Castles 16th Century in Corsica, France
Photo by @korsika21

Even though it was not originally a castle, we can still find the same feeling since the building was designed to have a palatial impression.

It once had a grand staircase and courts for tennis. The hotel then faced difficulties in attracting guests and abandoned for good after the World War II.

9. Wyndclyffe Castle — New York, United States

Wyndclyffe Castle, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Castles 16th Century in New York, United States
Photo by @wyndclyffecastle

The building was constructed in 1853 for a socialite named Elizabeth Schermerhorn Jones. The mansion used to have 24 rooms. The place was abandoend in the 1950. Today, the palace looks enchantingly haunting.

10. Sammezzano Castle — Leccio, Italy

Sammezzano Castle, The Most Beautiful Abandoned Castles 16th Century in Leccio, Italy
Photo by @ig_tuscany_

There are 365 days in one year. This abandoned palace also has 365 room. The abandoned castle is placed atop a hill. It is located south of Florence, Italy.

The castle was built by the Spanish nobility in 17th century around 1605. The place was famous as a hotel. However, the palace actually a house of a Medici family. The Sammezzano Castle was abandoned since 1990s.

There are times that traveling is filled with a special tour to see the deeper parts of a city. People can thus include those abandoned 16th castles on their bucket list. Whether they are traveling to India, Europe countries, or even Haiti, abandoned castles can be a great place to visit.

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The destinations can be around a lake, a forest, and also a beach. People will not regret visiting the abandoned sites because there are always stories inside each ruin. The deep history of a castle can help us to learn the value of our travel.

That can be an unforgettable traveling for anyone. In addition, the view around the abandoned castles is so much appealing. People will be able to travel back to the era of the castles glory.

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